Hermitcraft 7 | Ep.50: HEP MINI-GAME, AIR GRIAN & MY CHRISTMAS GIFT! - minigamesltc.site


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● Tango Tek –

● Airbus 319 – FeePhe (World of Keralis)

● Custom Mushrooms – Nilzzz

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  1. “Our friend Brian has been struggling a little bit with his flying tampon”
    I am weak 😂 16:20

  2. How did I guess it was a a319 when I watched grians video

  3. On top of Tango's game you could build a mini hep llama base and a mini resistance serf house base. Make small versions of the teams bases

  4. I hate to sugest it because you've put so much effort into that road already. but what if in stead of raising that part of it up, you left it down, so the fire trucks can actually pull out onto the main road?

  5. Why has San Diego zoo subscribed to you an official zoo subscribed to you

  6. I've missed the shaders so much! It was great seeing them this episode.

  7. omg it has been so long since i watched you, can't remember when i first watched your videos around 2013 or 2014. i still remember your iconic dirt house intro.
    good times :,)

  8. Can anyone tell me why he stopped the inspiration series cause that was such a huge part of my childhood and always counting the blocks and now I look and he posts one like every 9 months 😞

  9. I love your voice so much and your content

  10. Whenever I need to sleep I put on a keralis video because his voice brings me so much joy and relaxation. 10/10 would recommend to make you happy and sleepy:) ❤️❤️

  11. anyone else think that there should be a small skatepark under the overpass? Like in NYC?

  12. HEY PAPA K! I love your face <3 your videos never stop making my day better. Thank you so much for being such an awesome dude. ANDDDD Lefty Ganggggg.

  13. "The back is a little nyeh, but as I said, nobody looks at the backs, right?"

    Brian: "I sense a disturbance in the Force…"

  14. A public basketball court would be neat below the bend where the road you just finished meets the old road, there's kind of a wall there. The plane looks great.

  15. There are two groups of people on the hermit craft server that are just super happy when they see each other… iskall and mumbo and keralis and tango

  16. 2:06 you could make a skatepark there, which would fit right in with the graffiti

  17. Hi, how do you make the builds like the airplane/custom trees? Do you use a schematic or do you have a second account on the WoK server? Just curious for my own building, thanks!

  18. Absolutely in love with your music choice Papa K!

  19. My self confidence has skyrocketed ever since I started watching Keralis <3

  20. Keralis building episodes are full body workouts from all the jazzy dance breaks in them

  21. Hahahahahaha Keralis you literally have the best descriptions for things. From Poopies to Flying Tampons hahahahahaha I laughed so freaking hard

  22. Fart bubbles lol
    Then he calls Grian brian and his partial a flying tampon LOL

  23. "One mushroom is too many mushrooms"
    Shashwammy, who built a mushroom farm:

  24. Skate park, graffiti, Burning barrels… == authentic underpass

  25. It's so hard to watch a video featuring that annoying kid Grian…

  26. "Nobody looks at the back right?"
    <happy Grian noises>

  27. Is the plane in the thumbnail aeroteams a320 or idk

  28. Keralis stop saying your bad at building because your not.

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