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Hermitcraft VII 971 H.E.P. Mini Game!

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Episode Ninety! This episode we build a kelp farm, factory facade an mini game for HEP!

Hermitcraft Seven – Best Of Xisuma – Episodes 71-80

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  1. The team colours for the mini game could be represented with red and blue concrete powder for the floor. Kind of like a coloured sand

  2. xsuma i liked ur videos untill i realized that ur a part of the hep :0

  3. I like the different blocks, it might need a bit more texture maybe stair blocks. It has this feel of an old chapel, it might profit from loooking a little weathered.

  4. X- have dispensers in the floor and have it randomly drop potions for the teams to run to and have the risk of getting hit while getting a potion

  5. I think something's wrong : 76 diamonds spent, 6 per box, it means you bought 12.6 boxes? I think you should have pay 72 mate 🙂

  6. I love the look you’re starting for the potion build!

  7. The turn-based aspect of dodgeball takes away from a lot of the fun. I think you should consider real time instead. This is coming from someone that used to run a summer recreation program, and we played LOTS of dodgeball.

  8. Haven't watched the newer episode yet, but you could replace the sand in the arena with red and blue or green and purple concrete powder for each team

  9. The building for the brewer is looking so good! I'm excited to see the full version

  10. X, how did you buy 12.67 shucker boxes? 76/6 = 12.667

  11. Just passing by to see the HEP games but I really like the look of the kelp build, looking forward to seeing that when it's done

  12. Xisuma : no warped wood

    Pacific :pacificly bought all the wood

  13. 19:56 I dont think Iskall would approve of that Diorite Wall, I mean, I think Diorite looks awesome tho!

  14. Hey X! i noticed that you use bamboo to fule your smeltary but did you know that comverting the bamboo into sticks is actualy more efficient, you should make an optional auto crafting-esk system so you can be more efficient!

  15. ''this shulker will be broken down into a hopper and put back into a dropper'' is what made me smile :]

  16. you should use harming potions at the beginning and have the players use snowballs for dodgeball so they have to hit each other

  17. Is the hopper texture in a player's inventory still that twister shape? They should make it look like the block when its placed


  19. 'joobs doone'
    x thank you for blessing us with this sound lol

  20. In my base, I have 6 zerotick kelp farms, hooked up to a 8 smokers supersmelter. It's a dried kelp farm and also xp farm

  21. Also, I made my own version of this type of dodge ball, i am finishing it up today and posting a video on it i hope!

  22. James Charles is enjoying your videos I see Xisuma

  23. Hello Xisuma, we have a question about the kelp!!! ( We do not have latest version of Minecraft), the question is: Does a kelp block re-hydrates like sponges when you put water around it? or does it stay as a block once it is dried?? Thank you!!

  24. Flying machine likely broke because you unloaded the chunk while is was active. If you want to solve this issue, add a chunk loader to the activation of the flying machine that stays on until it properly docks.

  25. He just walks around with a stack of diamonds

  26. That Warcraft 3 "Job's done!" was priceless xD

  27. Xisuma, im sorry for my old hate comment. i wish you can forgive me…

  28. Yoooooo!!!! 6:13 “Job’s done” it’s so rare to hear someone reference Warcraft 1, 2, or 3.

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