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Hero of Sparta, Mini Game for PSP & PSPgo – Official trailer

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Hero of Sparta, the iPhone phenomenon, is coming on PlayStation Network for your PSP and PSPgo.
Winner of 2008 IGNs iPhone Best Action Game Award : “A thrilling action game loaded with cinematic flair. Make it one of your next downloads.” – 9/10

Enter this epic odyssey and find out just what game the gods are playing with you, King Argos. Battle like the fierce Spartan warrior you are to avoid a tragic death as you journey from the Oracle’s Island to the depths of the Underworld. You will fight the most phenomenal monsters from mythology, defy Cerberus and the Cyclops, and face legions of mortal enemies. It’s your chance to write your own legend… if you can survive this mythic adventure.

On October 1st, check the Minis section in the PlayStation Store, and get the Spartan war machine for your PSP and PSPgo.

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  1. actually no… as far as i know no PSN game is available for DL on the net.. just sad

  2. That's because people like GoW. And if they like it they'll get this.

  3. indeed i know im a psp/ps2 hacker lol what i mean are the content from PSN especially PS3 ones… you think the minis could be put on sites such as pspisoz??

  4. umm ppl, its a rip off of GoW cuz its actually MADE by the ppl who make GoW, look it up and quit whining

  5. I have a cuestion.
    is it me or the PSP ver have less graphics?
    or is it the same as the Iphone just whit a diferent armor and cape?

  6. Dude,the dsi have 133mhz processor and 16 mb ram.How can you even expect it to be able to run this game?

  7. ok, I just found out that the PSP actually has better graphics, and they didn't change Argos aparence, I just thougt that because in the Iphone trailer they show Argos whit full upgraded items all the time.

  8. its like a mixture of god of war, prince of Persia, and 300.

  9. is just that for some reason, the graphic looked better in the Iphone trailer, but it was just the video quality

  10. PSP have two CPUs runnings at 333mhz, two gpus runing at 166mhz, each one with embed eDRAM mem from 2-10MB
    PSP (2000/3000/GO) have 64MB ram.
    PSP go both cpu are underclocked @ 333mhz but they will be unclocked in a future firmware update to 480mhz.

  11. looks like a good game, thanks for the video, i'll check this out…

  12. Poor version of God Of War.
    Don't looks that bad anyway, i will try it.

  13. its 7 bucks on PSN. its acctually not a bad game.

  14. Its like a very cheap imitation of god of war ….xD

  15. @vjhy I think there ripping off but just my opinion

  16. this loox more like a umd game than a mini! how much is this again?

  17. there are dracenae and sirens, and theres a cyclops

  18. This is a clear knockoff of God Of War

  19. 58/100 on metacritic ; I doubt this game is really great

  20. @tribalport I thought it was generally admitted it was a bleak clone of God of War and that the port to PSP and DS didn't take into account the specific controls of these handheld devices. So the "A weak God of War clone with clunky controls" summarizes this game…

  21. its only called a "mini" coz of the file size.. doesnt mean the game isnt as good or anything…

  22. A fun game is always a fun game, even if it's just been ported from a handheld system. People can be gits sometimes.

  23. Well all gameloft does is copyin other games

  24. @karlopuma170 you got that right like hero of sparta is really god of war and gangstar series is really gta

  25. its like the under development version of god of war..

  26. its on sale now for like a buck, so that is a well spent buck!

  27. @12keroro12 It's five times of your buck…

  28. @babalocaguagua actually, GOW is for ps2…

  29. That is the worst copy of god of war someone could ever make >.>

  30. Worst gameloft game for psp…
    NOVA Is much better..

  31. @PhillipsaGenius you red some percy jackson haven't you?

  32. Maybe it's a good game for the iPhoneAndroid,but on the psp you have God of war itself,which is much better!

  33. A cheaper God of War for people who can't buy $20 version and act today you can get this game off the ps store for .99

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