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Homescapes Mini Game

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How to beat Homescapes Mini Game

Magic Hats video:

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  1. I am at level 1590. If anybody should have seen these mini games, it would be me.

  2. Now we need another mini game where Austin runs away from the criminals.

  3. The game you guys see in the ads is from another game called Austin’s Bad Dream.

  4. very weird game i dont like it but i keep playing it becuase its addictive.
    Fireboy and Watergirl 2goldy games on hudgames is great.

  5. i just want to play the mini games how can i do this

  6. Oh my God, I thought these were just animations to promote the game, I'm legitimately glad these are real tho

  7. PLZZ tell us that after how many levels mini game comes i only play 2 levels of mini game till level 26

  8. There are so many scam coins and gems generators, I can't believe people fall for these scams. The only website that works 100% is GameCrook, tried and tested.

  9. Why I don’t have mini games??‼️ help please


  11. I'm on level 1537 and I still haven't seen a single minigame

  12. finaly these game ARE NOT A SCAM AND REAL
    edit: wowie he likes me comment (happens 10000000000000 times)

  13. Don't waste your time watching this video because there are no mini games just lies

  14. Games and game: playing terrible ads looking minigames
    Everyone: I can't find these minigames

    Me: Visible confusion

  15. Bruhh I'm already on the second house but I don't have minigames still

  16. I have played all mini games and I enjoyed a lot

  17. im on level 2500 and i haven't got any mini game 😭😭😭

  18. Estou no nível 3030 e até agr não teve Mini games pq

  19. Como se puede jugar a los mini juegos no soy capaz de ponerlos😮

  20. 😍😍😍😍😍😍 I like this video

  21. Una pregunta tengo que tener el wifi prendido??

  22. 2020 is the worst year ever
    homescapes being like the ads: think again

  23. I used to play Homescapes years ago. I thought it was a decent game, but eventually was driven off by its pay-to-win style (typical for mobile games).

    I recently downloaded it on a new phone to play it and see how many of these so-called “mini games” I would actually play. I played forty levels, seven of which were mini games. So, roughly 1/6th of the game were mini games.

    And the mini games themselves are VERY short and are almost insulting easy to solve. You also have the option to skip them entirely when they pop up. Yes, those mini games, which are at the forefront of their marketing and are most likely the reason most people downloaded the app, are optional. The levels that consist of the app’s actual gameplay are not.

    So they’ve carefully crafted everything so it’s technically not outright false advertising, but it’s still very misleading.

  24. Is there a game like this like only this mini game type game?

  25. It is quite funny to see what happens when wrong options are chosen in those mini games🤣

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