How To Design A Mini-Game In Minecraft -

How To Design A Mini-Game In Minecraft

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In this video, I walk you through my design process for designing the “Disarmored” mini-game on the Hermitcraft server. With this process, you too can design your own mini-games in Minecraft!

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  1. Great video, Impulse! It was a really helpful and thorough breakdown!

  2. You can make this minigame in bedrock edition by using a command block to /summon an armor stand in the right position rather than dispensing it (because that feature is not in bedrock edition). It will also require some different redstone, but it is possible!

  3. Impulse is essentially a game dev right now, I like it

  4. I actually have one first you put a ghast in a cage that can open and shut for a small period of time and when it fire a player would hit the fire ball to another player its like tennis but deadly

  5. Have you ever thought of being a radio DJ? You seriously have the voice for it.

  6. I am also working in aminigame but it is way out of my mind so i want some of your tip so how can i contact you

  7. Impulse, you may not read this, but I have expertise in mcbe redstone and can show you how to do it.

  8. Would you mind if I used this in one of me and my friends world's? I just want to make sure with you before I use your game in my world.

  9. Great video!!! I also just uploaded a new minigame! Might want to check it out? If not, that's also fine, have a great day!

  10. Great video!!! I also just uploaded a new minigame! Might want to check it out? If not, that's also fine, have a great day!

  11. alright, i have made a minigame, now how do i make friends to play them with?

  12. On Bedrock you can just make a superflat world on peaceful without daytime cycle

  13. I need help of you with a redstone project how do i contact you?

  14. Good tutorial on how to make this particular game, but it would not actually help to "Design A Mini-Game" from scratch. You told about how you separate successful player's hit from an unsuccessful one almost at the very end, whereas in reality you should care if it's even possible at the very begginning

  15. If you play bedrock it's just a few clicks to do all that stuff

  16. Please show how to build step by step

  17. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH I WANTED TO MAKE A surprise for my friends and thats so good idea to a minigame

  18. No redstone preset exists, but the same commands work!

  19. Sorry if I missed this, but how do you disable plant spawns?

  20. Core is stuck on "Welcome back," Solution?

  21. Nice but can’t play with anyone on bedrock, plus I have terrible wifi

  22. My man forgot about command blocks 😂

  23. Nice now I just need to learn red stone and ill be set lol

  24. I thoroughly enjoyed this. I love MC mini games.

  25. I absolutely, really love making mini games! I am so amazed though. at my age, I am amazed with the amount of commands I know and I make many games all the time! I made skywars, skyblock, find the button, I make horror maps. Lol. I make horror maps and scare the neck out of my friends. lots of the time…they are so scared that they leave the game!😂I love making words with multiple options of mini games. I made a world with PvP area, mazes, hide and seek and build area.

  26. Dude 1 year ago?
    No this is from 2 month ago

  27. Torch a very cheap way to break armor stand

  28. can u give a schematic of this plssssss

  29. Can you try to make full tutorial of this mini game cause i want to make this in my server

  30. IDEA! for your game you should make a Boss Armor stand that gives A ton of points but it spawns very rarely

  31. I will build my mini game on Minecraft tomorrow

  32. I hate when an sponsor appears but its a vpn or pc only

  33. God loves all of us so much He came in the flesh to die and rise so that if we choose to accept Jesus as our one true Savior turning from our sins we may be gifted eternal salvation through Christ’s perfect sacrifice on the cross. Have a great day

  34. I made An Automatic Skywars Minigame That Can Starrt With Any %Of Players From 8-2 With Only Command Blocks! Really Helped Organizing!!

  35. @impulseSV for the token system, how does it detect the right item? how does it determine whats what?

  36. can i use this minigame for my server? ill credit you for the idea
    edit: im talking about the first game you showed

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