How To Make A Minigames Kid! #gorillatagvr #gorillatag -

How To Make A Minigames Kid! #gorillatagvr #gorillatag

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  1. I heard it you say your favorite YouTubers name 3 times you will get pinned XDEE1 XDEE1 XDEE1hope this works

  2. Thanks a lot dude I’ve been wondering how to for WEEKS

  3. Thank you for the tutorial I have about 13 little boys in my basement 😁

  4. You monster but nah for real this is your funny and your channel is awsome

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH I've been trying to find a kid to molest for MONTHS

  6. Instructions unclear, I became a minigames kid

  7. always some quality info from my boy🎉🎉🎉 yo man id love to be in one of your skits one day💯💯

  8. Bro I can't stop laughing buff mini games kid

  9. Instruction uhhhhhh why is there a oily mini games kid aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

  10. This is not ok, we will find you.

  11. Yo thank you for this tutorial it didnt give me a virus thank you sir!

  12. Instructions unclear, I am now an oily humanoid robot for some reason?

  13. Hey who made the pfp u have because i really like it and would like to have something like that

  14. This man is so under rated, definitely the best GTAG comedian

  15. Bro he is a better Gtag comedian than jmancurly

  16. yasssss know i can make a army of minigames

  17. Hey bro can I be in one of your videos as a mini-games kid? My name would match, I should be the cousin of Little Timmy and Little Jimmy, LittleBilly (I’m already using that name) 🙂

  18. Instructions Unclear I Am Now A Oily Mini games Kid And An Actual Mini Games Kid Is Beating Me To Death

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