How to Map Maker - CRAZY Mini Game CHEESE MAPS ft. Lex and Kairos 🍊 -

How to Map Maker – CRAZY Mini Game CHEESE MAPS ft. Lex and Kairos 🍊

Orange Juice Gaming
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INSANELY CHEESY MAPS can be made with the new map maker mode and this is ONLY THE BETA. I’m genuinely so excited to see the future of Brawl Stars unfold with the potential for everything. @Lex – Brawl Stars and @KairosTime Gaming join me as they play my mini games and they share their map creations with me. #BrawlMaps

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  1. They just made a “Super S” map😳😳😳

  2. Oj I love ur CHEESES but I'm definitely tired now by mapmaker if not the actual daily maps then the competition ones for sure THE REPEATS,HEAVYWEIGHT/LOBBERS ONLY,STUPID MAZE HEIST, EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE SHOWDOWN ONES!

  3. Does anyone notice how much gold OJ has on the dev acc?

  4. you can place 2 teleporters in a closed part and then trap people.

  5. Me reallising map maker was made 3 months ago

  6. Dude. I love the video of and I know your club name 🙂

  7. Oj spawning on top of Lex; HOW TEACH ME

    Kairos: thats illegal

  8. A-MAZE-ING ye ik im funny

    I stole the joke from the thumb nail eheehee.

    Easy mom with me sub to me with easy mom but idk who easy mom i think its ur mom.

  9. Actually u can block the net by filling the whole map

  10. hola amigo and oj i like to see ur vids they make me laugh

  11. 10:50
    "I think this, uh brawl ball map, similar to sneaky fields"
    Shows Propeller

  12. Join Approveallmaps2 to get your map approved quickly and help grow the club so we can approve each other's maps. We approve all maps no matter how troll-y or trashy

  13. I made 6 maps I don’t know how

  14. Your coin is many in 3k trophies
    How did you do that???

  15. Map maker has changed brawl stars in a good way

  16. Soooo… I’m the only one who was able to block my goal in map maker? Ok.

  17. Of all the creatorsLex makes the best maps.
    OJ makes the most troll.
    Both are beautiful in their own way.🌈

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