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I Bought An “8K Mini Gaming PC” From Amazon…

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This PC I bought from Amazon is apparently an 8K mini gaming PC…

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  1. just look at all current 8K cards, and then look at how tiny that PC is. red flags everywhere

  2. $1600? like no, if I'm going to spend over a thousand, I'm building a proper cpu. not something that'll most likely you'll dispose if it has a bad hardware.

  3. how long can u play on this trash before it turns in to barbecue test please

  4. The 8k refers to the display output its a mini gaming pc, youre laughing at someones difficulty with the english language

  5. 8K? Pft! Even my first computer had 16K!
    Oddly enough, although the power button looks like it's upside down, it's supposed to represent a finger pressing a button so, counterintuitively, it's probably the right way around.

  6. Wake me when 16k's a thing … you got to love binary numbering scales

  7. 1600 dollars you spent 1600 dollars on that garbage I'm angry for you pal

  8. I was thinking that was still a cool little system until I saw the price!

  9. why do you sound like that ?
    have yourself checked !

  10. Hey… 8K solitaire is TECHNICALLY gaming in 8K!

  11. You could 8k game minesweeper and Microsoft solitaire

  12. The moment I saw the form factor I knew it had a 1650 inside

  13. you're not funny at all . reduce the comedy . please

  14. Yeah I know I'm sorry there is no such thing as $8,000 mini PC I'm sorry the only type of computer that is worth over 8K would be a full tower custom loop liquid cooled PC with both the CPU and GPU. Sorry again that's not 8kk you got, gnome with proper common Sense will pay more than maybe $500 may be far less for a mini computer

  15. Am I missing something, if you wish to play in 4K or even 8K, doesn’t lowering the quality settings down to ‘normal’ or ‘low’ defeat the purpose? Surely if you wish to play 4K or higher, your aiming for the visuals to be of the best quality.

    Edit: regardless of if the GPU can handle it or not, it just seems to defeat the object. That’s like buying a V8 but taking 4 spark plugs out so it really only runs on 4 (and badly)

  16. Still got this pc? id love to see the LP RTX 4060 stuck in this. lol

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