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I Built 100 NEW Minecraft Minigames

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  1. My dutch people whit a good childhood know what werewolves is

  2. The minigame i would build is a RollorCoaster but you have to shoot Targets whilst Riding the RollerCoaster so yeah

  3. Wearwolf game is so fun I could teach you how to play

  4. i really liked the werewolf one i will definetly make it

  5. Alternative title: 100 players build games, most creative wins

  6. RPG DUDE WINS IN MY BOOK!!!!!!!! He👏🏻had👏🏻the👏🏻best👏🏻one

  7. man this is harsh he said he made 100 minigames but he says one hundred people made all the minigames when I watched the vid
    also I was a huge fan

  8. Golf course is sick pick that one

  9. No front but you use so many click bait just use a scene from the video and not CLICK BAIT

  10. They are dump about breaking the block they can just use /set air

  11. Sky high is atewly in England is a trampoline park

  12. Please subscribe so you can say "I was a subscriber before 3 million" 🙂

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