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I Completed EVERY Mini-Game! (Plants vs Zombies)

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We’re almost at the ULTIMATE TROPHY. This one is pretty cool though. 😍

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  1. To defeat the giga gargantuar plant cherry bomb and then in the same place put squash

  2. Yes I know I’m a year late but a WHILE ago when I got the Xbox version I got the nut allergy zombie in my first round and it was hilarious when he died I was wondering “how rare is this?” While laughing like nuts

  3. tip:sea shroo. will still wake up even if he's in the aquarium and not the mushroom garden

  4. I wanna say this:I can get more achievements then Matt because I’m on an apple iPad,but some achievements aren’t in Apple iPads,but because I can get more achievements, that means I can be better then Matt (only about the achievements)

  5. When I watch your videos I'm games I want to play that game you're playing I don't know why and I'm at level 18 in My Singing Monsters

  6. Why are you selling all of you play that for money?

  7. actually you can bring the aquarium garden if sea shroom is a mushroom
    it cannot sleep in the aquarium

  8. stttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttteeve

  9. you cannot get melon-y lane achievement without last stand roof

  10. Matt, I’m pretty sure you can also get PvZ on the Nintendo ds
    Edit: also on mobile you can choose the level

  11. Melon-y lane is only on mobile it’s the badge for putting winter melon on every lane

  12. In the daytime a puff shroom costs 75 sun cuz you have to use a coffee bean to wake it up

  13. I love your mustache sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much mine name is tyler

  14. If your lucky enough,you can get a gem from graves or killing a zombie

  15. tip: in 5-10 when the zombies hit your roof cleaners (not crushed by fire ice balls) dr.zomboss will stop sending zombies to that lane

  16. i tried the wallnut minigame 2 and saw the giant wallnut and then watching him do it i also did whack a zombie and got 2 diamonds from 1 game i had a gave digger killed a zombie got a diamond from him the grave digger was done and i got a diamond from that

  17. K😢😢😢😢😢😅😂😂😊😊❤😊❤😊😂😅😂😅🎉❤😊😅😂😅😂

  18. Tip: iceshroom and winter melon work very good together bc as there frozen winter melon with hit the zombie making the zombie slower

  19. Melony lane achievment is only on the mobile version and in mobile version there is 47 achievment

  20. did you know that on the ipad version there is no tree of wisdom

  21. on console such as xbox daves license plate is funny names instead of a "BACK" button

  22. Tip:If you buy a wall nut thing from crazy dave's twidydinkies you'd buy it and if your wall nut is damaged just put a wall nut on a wall nut to fix it it also works on tall nuts

  23. This is a fact in plants versus zombies the DS version there was a chance that a zombie could be allergic to walnuts

  24. i think is on mobile melony lane achievement

  25. If you Quit the game and reopen it Dave will give you new plant the ones that he picks for you

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