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I GOT SO HIGH | Herobrine’s Chamber with Friends | Minecraft Mini-game

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Check out this awesome custom server minecraft mini-game gamemode on itsjerryandharry’s server! Herobrine’s Chamber requires you to complete tasks for the mysterious Herobrine.

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  1. Me:DALMATONS❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Lizzie:kill the Dalmatian!

    Me: 😰wha?💔

  2. Is anyone else going to comment on the title?? 😂😂

  3. Who is watching this in 2017/2018 lollike if yes


  5. Everyone she's an adult and she can swear I bet there are a bunch of you six year olds that think ''shut up" is a swear so leave Lizzie alone

  6. Hell is not a sweat word. Even if it was, Lizzie is an adult. She can say whatever she wants to.

  7. We need this intro back!!!! Like so Lizzie can see!!

  8. Lizzie,

    I know you are getting a lot of hate on this but did you cuss and say sh*t or did you say shoot does anyone know?

  9. Do people understand the title? I feel like most of the audience is 5 year olds that don’t know what HIGH actually means🖤

  10. Ok, but when i saw the title "I GOT SO HIGH"…… I need help

  11. Ya don't hate just cause Lizzie swore. Don't be babies. Please just stop it

  12. She said sh it in the end when she was talking to Sammie XD accidentally

  13. It’s just a swear word!!!! She can swear if she wants

  14. I’m 10.. I don’t care if she swears though.. is why I watch her vids in secret :3. Btw what’s so wrong about Lizzie swearing, she is old enough to do as she wishes!

  15. When I read the name of this vid My first thought was:
    OK… so.. is this some kinda drug challenge or what? X3

  16. I'm in love with a ostrich
    Love it

  17. im annoyed cause everyone in the chat said “OMG BODIL” “OMG IS BODIL REAL?!?!” “BODIL :DD” they should’ve said “OMG LIZZIE AND JOEL?!?!?! :DD <3” cuz they are the best 👌

  18. You sensitivity ass bitches are so fucking annoying, people can fucking curse if they want to

  19. Why dose Herobrin sound like a girl? LOL 😂

  20. Is that Bodil's real accent 🤭😋????

    Not to be rude but it's kinda funny 😋

  21. y’all are telling me this was made 6 years ago? I used to watch Lizzie all the time and loved these videos. can’t believe time passed by that fast. I was 6 and now I’m 12. dude, lizzie made my childhood

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