i MASTERED ADVANCED 🎣FISHING & ⛏️DIGSITE MINIGAMES in Pet Simulator 99!! (Roblox) - minigamesltc.site


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Roblox Pet Simulator 99
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  1. im not sure if you can afk the digsite though because when it resets you dont spawn over the digsite


  3. How do you get rainbows and golden pets out of eggs??

  4. Every like this comment GETS ill do 1 pushup and situpp!!!

  5. for some reason, the bucket does not respawn for me does anyone know why

  6. username Proflocke2 im your biggest fan and bought your merch

  7. The new magic orb enchant is one of the best f2p ways to grind because they do 5x the amount of damage RAINBOW huges do

  8. i use tiny task + autoclicker and I align my screen sideways and when I start the tiny task I wait 5 sec, put my mouse on the rock and then start the autoclicker for 5-6 seconds then stop it, then put my mouse back where I started then turn it off

  9. If you getting the diamond shovel, you should probably get the diamond fishing rod?

  10. i got 15 bu ckets from 1 pool and 26 from another magic pool

  11. Okay i officially have something against pc players, they get the helpful stuff. I hope they add an auto mine and fishing feature i aint paying $500 for a modded controller that gets your account banned just to mine and fish

  12. To really get the diamond ones, u prob need every exclusive and some huges.

  13. yo I get about 200 magic o buckets an hour, I just go to the corners and at the middle and then rejoin so the magic pools reset

  14. not me learning python just to effectively macro fishing

  15. HI Alpha could you pls link tiny task in description

  16. Can you put a link in the Chanel description for your tiny task?

  17. When will the next doggy to Titanic release

  18. Where’s your doggy to titanic video it’s been 2 weeks???????

  19. i used this fish way already when the update was out

  20. Anyone Wanna Join My Clan? It's Brand New Kind a

  21. Magic orb doesn't seem to combo with any other enchants… but I don't think people realize how low key strong it is. Any zone it 2-3 shots a pile. I think next update I can run with orbs and coin enchant and not worry about stat pets every few levels.

  22. Who knows where the buckets went?? I got 30-40 pieces and they're gone, I can't get them anymore

  23. I Actually have More Digsite Coins then the Thumbnail💀

  24. What do I do with 94 million fishing coins

  25. Master the digsite is easy finding the purple stuff is hard only got 10 lol

  26. The enchant is worth it a Rb titanic is worse try in the best area

  27. Wait you know the intro, it's actually true i liked and subbed for a day and got sun angelous when there was only 9.9k existing

  28. When is doggy to tianic last posted was 2 weeks ago😥😥

  29. hope the digsite is juts a bug right now and they didnt make it to where you can get 1 bucket

  30. Pls do a new video for the best set up for diamond farm in the new best area for f2p and p2w

  31. my bucket doesnt spawn anymore how do i fix it pls tell preston this

  32. Does anyone else’s bucket not respawn. For the past 2 days my bucket just doesn’t spawn and I have to buy them

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