i MASTERED ADVANCED 🎣FISHING & ⛏️DIGSITE MINIGAMES in Pet Simulator 99!! (Roblox) - minigamesltc.site


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Roblox Pet Simulator 99
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  1. HI Alpha could you pls link tiny task in description

  2. Can you put a link in the Chanel description for your tiny task?

  3. When will the next doggy to Titanic release

  4. Where’s your doggy to titanic video it’s been 2 weeks???????

  5. i used this fish way already when the update was out

  6. Anyone Wanna Join My Clan? It's Brand New Kind a

  7. Magic orb doesn't seem to combo with any other enchants… but I don't think people realize how low key strong it is. Any zone it 2-3 shots a pile. I think next update I can run with orbs and coin enchant and not worry about stat pets every few levels.

  8. Who knows where the buckets went?? I got 30-40 pieces and they're gone, I can't get them anymore

  9. I Actually have More Digsite Coins then the Thumbnail💀

  10. What do I do with 94 million fishing coins

  11. Master the digsite is easy finding the purple stuff is hard only got 10 lol

  12. The enchant is worth it a Rb titanic is worse try in the best area

  13. Wait you know the intro, it's actually true i liked and subbed for a day and got sun angelous when there was only 9.9k existing

  14. When is doggy to tianic last posted was 2 weeks ago😥😥

  15. hope the digsite is juts a bug right now and they didnt make it to where you can get 1 bucket

  16. Pls do a new video for the best set up for diamond farm in the new best area for f2p and p2w

  17. my bucket doesnt spawn anymore how do i fix it pls tell preston this

  18. Does anyone else’s bucket not respawn. For the past 2 days my bucket just doesn’t spawn and I have to buy them

  19. How much do you make a night with the worst fishing rod?

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