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I Played the New Clash Mini Game!

Judo Sloth Gaming
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Clash Mini Gameplay! Beta has launched for the New Clash Game. Judo Sloth Gaming attacks with Clash Minis, explaining how the game works and showing the opening stages of the game. The tutorial gives a good understanding into how the mechanics operate as well as teaching you to upgrade your minis and heroes. I hope you’re excited about not just Clash Mini, but all the New Clash Games in development. Clash On!

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  1. Niiice game can't wait for it to be fully released

  2. so it's a chess war style game with supercell units

  3. Judo sloth: "I wonder how easy it is to get these minies?" me who unlocked ice wizard casually in my first chest

  4. day 1 of commenting on judo sloths videos until he notices me

  5. hi there I really appreciate all of your video sir thank you for the tricks and advice keep it up 😘😘😘😘

  6. Modified version of Clash Royal.
    Hope it wouldn't be as bad as CR. Those impossible cards & pay to win (it was all luck even if you pay a lot) was really the worst idea.

  7. Your the best YouTuber ever keep up the good content

  8. Hmu if you play clash of clans need donators and strong war members

  9. id love to see the shield maiden as the new hero for th 15

  10. 10:47 that skin for monk is el primo from brawlstars another supercell game

  11. Its just like Mobile legnds Arcade. Game Magic chess

  12. Did you know that the mega knight in the shop is rare?

  13. imagine if when battling you could press to see who was spectating u

  14. As soon as this comes to America just know I’ll be grinding this game

  15. Στάθης Γενιτσαρίδης says:

    You're my favourite content creator and I watch your videos every day, it's actually magic archer not magical, but anyway continue the great work, we sent love from Greece!

  16. Please add to Estonian language options, the language is very similar to Finnish also why not release it in Estonia, I think Estonians and Finlanders have the same culture

  17. Heck Jeff, all my homies hate jeff.

  18. Ugh i really hate how they slapped crs upgrading system onto this game… It feels dumb and unfair in cr already and its the reason why i stopped playing cr… Its pay2win mania and even though i live the gameplay of cr the ugrade system really destroyed the game for me. Its not like in coc were you can oay to get stuff done faster its litrally just pay2win because you can just buy yourself an advantage above everyone who isn't buying it…

  19. The game isn't even available in my country

  20. Sala amader country te asini😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤮

  21. super cell should make clashmoba next because i think its gona be so cool

  22. i can see these Minis being in Clash of Clans. Kinda like the pets. I think having Mini troops could change things up. maybe like a Mini Troop spell. it would be like the Clone spell but instead make tons of mini troops, this could like a gag spell. hell, that be funny. Gag spells that dont do any damage but just does cool stuff and it doesnt take up spell slots. Thats actually a cool idea

  23. Please join my clan! :
    Gizzmo Inc.
    Let’s dominate!!!

  24. Now i understand why people always say Nerf miner, that's a thing always OP in almost everygame

  25. Welcome back to the channel than guys I am your host judo sloth

  26. thats lucky mini pekka at the start of the game

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