Image Recognition DESTROYS Mario Minigames -

Image Recognition DESTROYS Mario Minigames

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In this video I write some more Python scripts to play minigames from NSMB and SM64DS using image recognition.

After my last video I decided I wanted to automate some more minigames in Python using image recognition. The scripts I write in this video can play 3 new games and it’s impressive how well they do! I hope you enjoy the video and subscribe if you like this kind of content.

Also thanks to KingYoshi and ThePurpleAnon for allowing me to use their remixes in this video.


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  1. 7:20
    Am I just bad at vector math? If you just want a location to draw the cannon ball to wouldn't you just take the vector from cannon ball to bomb and negate it, normalize and then pick your length?

  2. Behold. The power of caring parents in a nurturing environment.

  3. Ive never seen the screen when you get 40 bombs i was never that good

  4. The DS minigame were my childhood😖
    Especially the trampoline one

  5. for the sort or splode minigame, i think a way to get a higher score would to first drag a bomb to a corner of the room and then check the color of the bomb to sort, that way its unlikely to accidentally click the wrong bomb.

  6. Goddamnit, I can't program anything in Python.. This guy needs to make some tutorial vids =)

  7. For the final game on memory master, I would wager that it didn't know what either of the cards were, so:
    Flips first one: Finds Mario. Doesn't have a location for second mario, proceed to flip another unknown
    Flip second one: Finds Mario. But, since it was the second flip of info-gathering, there's no check if it got the match by pure luck.
    So now it knows the position of 2 Marios!
    Try to flip. Try to flip. repeat ad infinium.

  8. You may have written code that works, but you definitely have a lot to learn about better approaches to your problems. Like about using eval; it's a very bad habit to be in. I highly recommend seeking out some code review.

  9. do you think you could create a small tutorial on how to setup these python libraries? I'm new to python (but experienced in code), if anyone else has some good places to start I'd love the help <3

  10. With the memory game, what probably happened is that the code registered 3 or more cards as the same value, and therefore, could not differentiate which was which, resulting in it getting stuck.

  11. Code bullet got some serious competition

  12. Luigi after the bot wins at a gambling game for the 1,000,000,000th time: "I'm getting real sick of clapping"

  13. Was the card game stuck at the end because it was like "all known pairs were found" kind of deal?

  14. Even your name looks like a wannabe Code Bullet but hey I don't care I love seeing people break videogames with code so I am all for more of it 🥳

  15. ur little ms paint character is nasty

  16. Watching the Memory Master game at 100x Speed and seeing Luigi bounce up and down at rapid speed was hilarious. It's like he was hacked up on caffeine, like he took a few Red Bulls and espresso shots before coming into the casino.

  17. hey a video about py auto gui? I made roblox cheats for this fishing minigame in that squishmallow game. I used it to farm money to buy the virtual squishmallows for my ex. Waste of my talents

  18. For the first one, wouldn't it be smarter to do two image checks? One before it's grabbed to identify where it is, and another after it's been grabbed and pulled to the middle clear of any other bombs to clarify what bomb it is

    I bet that'd be more efficient than your final solution.

  19. this is probably so beyond your scope, but it would be so sick if it were possible to train an AI, or hard core the best practice, in the table minigame "Picture poker". that game, along with puzzle panel, were my absolute favorites.

  20. Try doing the Gameboy mini game in Super Mario RPG

  21. I would love to see part 3! You’re actually really good at this, and I love your video style! 🙂

  22. Lmao, the title reminds me of those goofy politics owned cringe compilations

  23. You know, the bomb aiming software could be even better if it led it's shots slightly based on the bomb fall speed and slingshot distance.

  24. I would grind this game and I thought 140 was good. Now even gamers are being replaced by machines.

  25. Luigi's gonna throw you out of the casino for counting cards

  26. Why would they even program that bomb one to go up that high no one in the world has the reflexes to get that high up 🤣🤣

  27. Would be nice if you at least figure out, what caused the loose, even if you dont fix it.

  28. Bro plz tell me from where did u learned AI and Game Dev using C++ i wanna know cause I really like C++
    Plz tell me bro

  29. I think using an AI counts as cheating at Luigi's Casino, he's gonna throw you out

  30. if it didn’t get stuck on memory master it would probably go forever.

  31. I admire whoever capable of programming such things. Because for the life of me, I will never be capable. Love this vid ♡
    Also, that Toad from the 3rd minigame was hella busy

  32. The ai got bored on that last one lmao, hit 111 and said “that’s a nice number, better to quit when I’m ahead anyways”

  33. You should do a double image check the first minigame.. just before the mouse release. Because at that point there is no overlap with other bombs. And that seems to be the obly problem.. the program drops them in the wrong box some times

  34. @CodeNoodles to capture the mini game images do you plug in like a da capture card or do you use an emulator?

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