INTENSE Spleef Mini-Games!! - Minecraft Funny Moments -

INTENSE Spleef Mini-Games!! – Minecraft Funny Moments

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We finally played spleef in Minecraft and it was awesome!

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  1. Would you ever bring back couples retreat? I loved that series

  2. Hey Scotty, for the next Minecraft minigame video, you guys should try out Cops and Robbers next.

  3. scotty when he screams sounds like a kid who got griefed on minecraft

    also pin this

  4. Don't mind me, just giving Scotty a few pennies before this gets demonetized

  5. love the Minecraft series
    Before I saw this video an Ad pop up and said something about you guys

  6. This game mode looks fun, and intense. I might try it out some time. What's it called?

  7. Hope you guys are having fun, because i sure am watching

  8. I realized you look like jake gyllenhaal from Spider-Man far from home

  9. nobody:
    Scotty: screams AaAAaAaaaHHHHHHhhHhHHhhH

  10. That ending with Marcel using the blocks and winning. Never would have thought of that.

  11. Man, this 407 guy puts out some quality, original content. You can't find this level of content anywhere else.

  12. Hope you enjoyed making the video just how I enjoyed watching it 😀
    You have an awesome personality and your an Awesome guy 🙂

  13. Should collab with funhaus for a game

  14. 15:24 : "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!"
    What happened was that you won through BS game mechanics… which happens to be my favorite way to win.

  15. Those 8 people who disliked don't know what quality content is.

  16. Great video Scotty! Watching you play Minecraft brings back memories. Thanks man

  17. Scotty: swears threw up the video with his friends an is still monetized
    Scotty to YouTube: get nah nahed

  18. Just came by to say Scotty you're amazing, I love you, and please take care of your vocal chords 😂

  19. I love your laugh and your screams

  20. Yea some more very interesting videos to watch

  21. The fucking Family Guy and tv show sounds always get me. 😂

  22. I really like the face cam you should do that more often

  23. can someone plz make a compilation of these guys screaming and getting cut off plzzz id pay you $100 XDDDD

  24. I Love That You Always Smile 🙂
    Love You!

  25. I've never been so scared for another person to die playing a game

  26. I Love this, even though its ear rape. I love it

  27. Bro you have no skill in video games quit being so cocky when you win.

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