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iPhone 13 Mini Gaming – PUBG TEST

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is the iPhone 13 Mini capable of handling gaming of the highest level like PUBG Mobile and more? let’s find out.

Benchmarks by Gamebench Pro:

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  1. Did you maxed out the framerate on call of duty mobile? Gameplay seemed pretty choppy

  2. Pubg is my favourite game and it has the most esports. 😍😍😍💓💓💓

  3. The big Nigel approves of this , you are definitely not the sussy imposter who vents to electrical

  4. Sorry you can't play Fortnite on it plus it's little charge don't justify buying from last year phone a camera and a more battery wait till next-generation next year will be big changes. No X box game pass either.

  5. ay, thanks for the video, it’s a really good comparison!

    On that note, if i may ask, can you try this two game and include it in your test— the game is called Punishing: Gray Raven and Honkai Impact 3rd. Both of these amazing game are also one of the mobile games with a game console graphics, and it’s damn fun aswell xD

    I just know that the A15 chip of iphone 13 pro model is more powerful than the regular iphone 13, despite both being the same chip. The difference caused by the extra one core gpu —to computate heavy task and/or games— for the chip in the 13 pro model. Apparently iphone 13 pro model is 60% more powerful than the iphone 12 series, while regular 13 is only 20% more powerful than the iphone 12 series. (the score/power for both iphone 12 and 12 pro chip, A14, is almost same btw).

    Also, is there any chance you’ll be doing the comparison like graphic/game test and stress it for a set of time and see if the frame rate gonna drop, battery test, temperature test, etc, between regular iphone 13 and iphone 13 pro model?

    Anyways, thanks again!

  6. Can you tell us how many hours of gameplay can we get on iPhone 13 mini on a single charge

  7. big and ugly notch i dont like iPhone.. s21 samsung the best

  8. I got mine two days ago. Minimalist is Gold! Good review!

  9. Off course you can, it’s Apple. Nothing new here.

    Edit: that 2k had me fooled for a real match for a moment.

  10. DONT PLAY GENSHIN ON FULL!!! Only 60 FPS and the rest off and lowest!

    Edit: DOES Ios15 have controller support in GI?

  11. thank for review. i have one question. Does the iPhone 13 Mini heat up a lot if you play Genshin impact on lowest options and 30 fps?

  12. How much screen on time you usually get on 13 mini?

  13. How much frame rate you played that pubg and cann you tell me about the grapihics is it extreme or 90fps. Please reply pro 🥺

  14. I have a question
    I am planning to buy this mini monster as apple claims as I love compact and delicate phones.
    My question is that..if you just watch normal yt for 1hour and play games for 1 hour and just fast search something for a day
    How much battery does it drain approx
    And last do you think it is worth the price? For a normal user?
    Thanks and good luck🤗

  15. I have a iphone 13 mini but I would never play games on it (tried playing wild rift on it and I constantly missing buttons lol). I'll just leave it to ipad mini cellular.

  16. I love your video brother God bless ❤️💪😎

  17. Godbless y'all! God always loves you he is also always with you! Have a nice day! Stay safe and healthy! If ur under pressure God is always there with you! I hope u acheive ur dreams ! ✝😇❤

  18. do it have any battery draing issue or bad heating issue while playing long………plz replyy

  19. Btw whats the name of that racing game??
    Graphics was sick🔥🔥🔥

  20. This is one of my goals for next year!! I'm trying to save up and hopefully buy my a phone with my own money by April or May 2022. I can't waiiit!!!

  21. Hi can you do the same thing but play roblox instead

  22. I m a cod gamer and I played it on the big phone. And small phones.
    Playing with small phones are much easier. Bcs of being light 💡

  23. Nice vid,

    Does the Kishi works on the iphone 13 mini?

  24. Does the 13 mini screen feel too small for VR gaming?

  25. which phone heats more iphone 12 or 13 mini?

  26. Is it too small to play or watch videos on yt or netflix? I'm not gaming person but when i play i need it to be a good experience so i play games like pocket estimation, wild rift, dead by daylight, Rocket league sideswipe will it be good or should i turn to the 13 or 12?

  27. WHATEVER YOU DO!!!!!

    Do not play with the case on. These new 13s are awful for thermal release. Aka this thing heats up FASSSST and even faster and more intense if you have a case on.

    If you love battery health longevity (more than 2 years) do not use a case on your phone while gaming

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