Kingdom Hearts 3’s Mini-Games are OG Nintendo - IGN Daily Fix -

Kingdom Hearts 3’s Mini-Games are OG Nintendo – IGN Daily Fix

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Kingdom Hearts 3 makes a deep cut Nintendo Reference, No Man’s Sky Xbox One release might have leaked and we’re giving away God of War!

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Mini-Games Unveiled

Is This When No Man’s Sky Hits Xbox?

God of War Heads in a New Direction

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  1. I think goofie smells like Cookie's 🍪

  2. Why open to us residents only why, oh why, oh why.

  3. "Kingdom Hearts 3's What goofy smells like? – IGN Daily Fix" should be a proper title.

  4. Can’t wait kingdom hearts 3 and god of war Spyro!!!

  5. Dear IGN,
    Please stop reporting on the Kingdom Hearts series.
    -sincerely, the Kingdom Hearts fan community

  6. God of war should be on the Nintendo switch because I played the first one on the psp

  7. If KH3 doesn’t come to switch I’ll be pissed

  8. Goofy probably smells like Wet Dog,Piss & Dank Weed.

  9. What other industry can a company (GoW) sponsor an entity (IGN), of which that entity (IGN) reviews that companies product (GoW). Oh wow, and IGN gave GoW a 10/10 — totally unrelated I assume.

  10. My dog smells fine. He gets cleaned when he doesn’t. Not sure why you’d expect less from an anthropomorphic dog who can take care of himself…

  11. OG Nintendo. Do you just mean LCD games? I've see more LCD games from Tiger Electronics than Nintendo.

  12. Goofy smells like rotten cheese and smelly feet

  13. This reminds me so much of X-play. I hope Adam sessler been doing good👍

  14. This show should be called the Daily Commercial.

  15. I'm honestly annoyed with the mini games. I am super annoyed that I'm going to have to play them if I want that platinum or probably to even progress the story.

  16. Another giveaway just for the US! Boooooooooo!!!!! Booooooo!!!!!

  17. This is the guy that hates Kingdom Hearts. He said it's like pineapple on pizza. He was angrily tweeting about how fans of Kingdom Hearts made him hate Kingdom Hearts more because the fans made a joke like his but about IGN. He shouldn't be making content on KH if he doesn't have knowledge of it or even like it…

  18. I love how nobody in the comments talked about how cool that Kratos cosplay looked like..

  19. Max look like Bruce Campbell in a tumbnail, isnt he?

  20. Why the hell you being mean to goofy? I think you smell like moist pepper corn. How bout that?!

  21. I'm way excited for classic kingdom! As well as the fact that we can play a few of the games early in khux

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