KIRBYS RETURN TO DREAM LAND DELUXE Mini Games Make Me Unbelievably Happy -

KIRBYS RETURN TO DREAM LAND DELUXE Mini Games Make Me Unbelievably Happy

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Game: Kirbys Return To Dream Land Deluxe

Thanks for watching this episode of kirbys return to dream land deluxe! i hope you liked it!

i love this game already and all ive really done is play some of the mini games, its really good.
im excited to actually play the story i wanna see how some of the bosses turn out! im not sure whats next but im excited… aslo kirby

thanks for being here 🙂 hope you have a good day!!

kirbys return to dream land deluxe gameplay


  1. Man you really need to play Kirby super star then it's on the switch SNES

  2. 1:28 Quin says he's interested in the possibility of "really challenging platforming," considering the 2D camera. What he fails to consider is the fact that he has infinite jumps. He might be mildly embarrassed when he realizes this.

  3. "My aim is so bad dude" Says the one who does Korok puzzles for a living

  4. Hearing you have so much fun just brings so much joy! 😀

  5. It is such a Quin thing to do to play the story mode for 2 seconds and then immediately hop to the mini games at the first chance LMAOOOO !!! I love seeing you try more kirby games, fantastic vid as always !!! <333

  6. Quinn you Forgot to add the rest of the Kirby videos to your Kirby playlist

  7. Sup Quinn btw my birthday was yesterday! I'm now 10 btw I left a comment on your first Hyrule compendium vid and there was stuff there.

  8. I need Quinn to play the cuteness that is kibas epic yarn

  9. Hahaha, just watching you having this much fun on mini games brings me so much joy 😂

  10. Day 4 of asking QuinBoBin if he's continuing Phantom Hourglass

  11. It’s very rare but you can get a fish from the ultra sword try it out

  12. Quin are you ok with my channel being called Sqimblo I don’t have any videos yet but there coming

  13. Glad you tried this out after having played Forgotten Land! Its a hot take, but I prefer 2D Kirby to 3D, and this is considered one of the better ones so it'll give you a good comparison. Also, yes the minigames are too fun. Hope to see you continue this in future videos, both story and minigames!

  14. 2D Kirby mini games are incredible. Check out Kirby 64’s mini games. Perfection.

  15. You can see your current ability’s move set with the pause button

  16. This was one of the first games I played on the wii and man was it fun, I know Quin will have a blast on this game

  17. How couldn’t you come up with “waddle Dee more like waddle deez nutz”?

  18. Is it bad that Quin’s voice has become the voice inside my head whenever I goof around in games

  19. Hey Quin can you please call me stinky at the beginning of the Episode🥺

  20. hello,i hav big brain question…how do u record ur switch vids? SHOW ME YOUR WAYYSSS!!1

  21. waited to watch this till i got the game and played some, is great i missed the pink squisher on the wii.

  22. QUIN!! Hello fellow Canadian!

    If you love minigames, you need to check out WarioWare Inc.

    The original one for GBA is on Switch now, and I think it would make for some absolutely hilarious content.

    This was amazing as well, I love Kirby minigames. So wholesome. That checkerboard one was on Kirby 64 and gave me massive nostalgia of playing together with my sisters when we were kids and still rented video games.

  23. The fact that Quin only barely knows anything about supposedly famous game, only saw ONE trailer up till now, but still plays it anyway 💀

  24. “they just have health bars and you’ve got to get rid of them” such profound gamer wisdom lmao

  25. I can’t wait to see how Quin reacts when he gets the fish sword….

  26. It's always a good day when it starts with a Quin video. ❤️

  27. It’s a good day when Quin posts
    also you need to play btow mods it could be a little series like a 5 min video each day until tears of the kingdom comes out

  28. You are my inspiration to be a content creator. i am not a content creator but i want to be because of your wonderful videos

  29. Hey Quinn! Just wondering if you plan on playing the dead space remake, lots of scary men to make you scared

  30. This is the first video I’ve seen of you and your hilarious everything is funny to me cause I say the most dumbest stuff ever

  31. This brings me so much nostalgia. Me and my brothers were obsessed with this game on the wii. This was the first game I ever %100

  32. The waddle dees were initially enemies!! Kinda like how king dedede is either an enemy or friend 🥰 Kirby just be like that

  33. Fun fact: if you pause the game during the boss and move to the right in the pause screen, you can actually learn some lore about the bosses, if you move even more to the right, you can actually learn the moves of copy abilities, and it’s kinda like a fighting game

  34. You're an amazing YouTuber.
    you make my day 10 times better ☺️

  35. omg i literally cannot breathe and it's not because my head is full of snot. pls play more kirby minigames 10/10 comedic video

  36. Samurai Kirby was my fav Mini Game in Kirby Super Star

  37. patiently waiting for quin to make a discord server 👉👈

  38. If people don’t think robots are taking over, show them this 😂😂😂


  40. I really hope you make more vids of this dispite youtube being STUPID and NOT RECOMENDING IT! Cause I always love your wholesome content and Kirby just adds more wholesomeness on top of it making a infinite loop of wholesome!

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