LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - All Minigames (Minigame Master Challenge) -

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 – All Minigames (Minigame Master Challenge)

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This video shows the location of all 9 minigames in Chronopolis. This completes the Minigame Master challenge and unlocks Winter Soldier’s Bike. Below are time stamps for each of the minigames. Please use them if you need to find one of these quickly.

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00:27 – Minigame #1 – Pig Jousting (Medieval England)
01:55 – Minigame #2 – Drumming Challenge (Sakaar)
02:49 – Minigame #3 – Cannon Challenge (Asgard)
04:20 – Minigame #4 – Hexagon Blitz (Xandar)
05:53 – Minigame #5 – Arquindae Riding (Old West)
06:50 – Minigame #6 – Cannon Training Program (Hala)
07:42 – Minigame #7 – Miniature Golf (Hala)
09:40 – Minigame #8 – Dungball (Egypt)
11:14 to 14:12 – Minigame #9 – Catch the Seashell (Lemuria)

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  1. Catch the seashell is hard I have tried it a thousand times and have lost every time

  2. Fuck this dumbass game.this game can kiss my ass

  3. Packattack I think you should commentate on you’re videos.

  4. Like Lego Marvel Super Héroes 2 All MiniGames

  5. Hey b how's the big leagues kid hmu sometimes

  6. The Switch look good in this game.

  7. My brother win the pig jousting in the second without riding the pig

  8. Catch the Sea shells… only one i can't get

  9. what happens when you lose a heart in the drumming or arquindae challenge


  11. Catch the Seashell is ridiculous. Can never get more than 15.

  12. I’m getting this game again for the PlayStation

  13. I hated that dungball controls were crap on xbox one

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