Making NEW SUNKY Mini Games! - Sunky Ware D.I.Y. Returns!!! -

Making NEW SUNKY Mini Games! – Sunky Ware D.I.Y. Returns!!!

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Making NEW Sunky Mini Games! – Sunky Ware D.I.Y. Returns!!!

I have been itching for a new Sunky game, but nothing much has come out recently. I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own Sunky games! Well…sort of…

In this video I play WarioWare D.I.Y. but make all the mini games related to Sunky. This video is best viewed while eating milk and cereal while listening to the Body Rolls song. Do it or Sunky.mpeg won’t be able to dance.

Shout outs to Bimbus Bobus and LooneyDude! I use and try to recreate art from both of them.
Bimbus Bobus:

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  1. Have you watched the sonic OVA movie yet? It is one of my favorite movies in my opinion you should watch it.

  2. The real VincentYT @Vincent Fun and games says:

    I want a new episode!!!

  3. OMG!!! This is even better than the last episode! Charmy & Boxing Eggman made me laugh!! 😂 Part 3 for the win!!!

  4. Let's do more of this pls! And maybe include more characters like the chaotix team or something?

  5. I love how Darby said no to the D.I.Y. ABC's, even though after going through those lessons he'd be able to make entire microgames from scratch, which is literally the whole point of the game XD

  6. Good job reaching to 70, Darby! These Sunky games are really fun to watch, I'm looking forward to seeing what else you make in this series. Your art is awesome, it very much captures the Sunky style! 😀

  7. me when btg draws on a 3DS and is still better than me

  8. yeah, please Darby have a episode please

  9. You could've just make the veggies chaos emeralds but knuckles is also ok

  10. And can you continue the sonic but boss fights are cool

  11. now i want a new ds and this game i used to have one in 2015


  13. i want to see another that in it you make some diy games music and comics yourself

  14. You should have made tlels and sunky together

  15. Hmmmmmmmmm…your Sunky looks so accurate, one would think you were the creator of Sunky, Darby, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm………… 😉

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