Map Winners are Mini Games 🍊 -

Map Winners are Mini Games 🍊

Orange Juice Gaming
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The map winners force you to play Brawl Stars in a different way and I love it! They’re mini games

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  1. 3.35 That stu is me I remember this game

  2. I wish Supercell would stop replacing the map winners with balanced maps. At least replace them with whatever map got the 2nd most votes if you must replace

  3. oj I know your real name it's Jimmy 🖤🔥

  4. hey oj! nice video, just wanted to tell you used your code for the 20 bucks offer 🙂

  5. omg did u play with me in robo rumble? with a Jessie,8 bit,and you were bo?

  6. Man I just realized that oj has ear piercings

  7. Hey oj where is the old intro "mmm its a orange Juice" it was beautiful

  8. oj the fast zone map i think it was removed

  9. I like your video Jay and I really want to meet you

  10. Jacky in these maps: 😛💪
    Jacky in normal maps: 😔💀😭😥

  11. alt title could've been oj playing with bad randoms lol

  12. 9:19 футболка OJ—

    OJ’s t-shirt—

  13. I probably won't play this week, so OJ gonna keep me updated with the fun I missed.

  14. I like that on always says that he missed when map maker gave you trophies but he would loose like 200 trophies

  15. 'Why did you go Mortis? ' 1 minute later mortis team wipe lol

  16. Oj I use your code in my every account

  17. They change the gemgrab map with no modifiers but the other one is not a hacked map

  18. East or west OJ is the best .. OJ :2021

  19. I really love fast cheese maps

  20. They changed the map o f gem grab first it was cheesy map

  21. The original map for dark is a quest farm map i think

  22. My dad played for hours to get surfer Jacky 😂

  23. Wheres pls dont Dou-Showdown map because pls dont is my Brother and if you want to see proof that pls donts may brother is im 8 years old and pls dont is 10

  24. Whoever remembers Edgar r30 puch on mata mata, give a like and comment

  25. Oj missed the 2 cheese maps for duo's and gem grab how sad…

  26. OJ when he sees a normal map: Ew

    People that use code OJ: 🤧🤮

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