Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games ALL OLYMPIC EVENTS!! (Minigames Gameplay) -

Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games ALL OLYMPIC EVENTS!! (Minigames Gameplay)

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Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games (All Minigames OLYMPIC EVENTS)!! Sonic Full Movie all cutscenes vs Mario in Olympic events all minigames Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games! Amazing minigames with Mario and Sonic vs Bowser and Peach, Luigi, Daisy, Bowser Jr, Tails, Shadow, Yoshi, and all characters Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games 2014, all main story mode Olympic minigames and all characters + boss fights and cutscenes with opening cutscenes and all minigames main mode part 1 and dream mode minigames will be in part 2!

More minigames with Sonic, Mario, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser, Daisy, metal Sonic, Silver, DK, and all characters!!

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Mario and Sonic Winter Olympic Games Minigames ALL OLYMPIC EVENTS!! Intro – 0:00
Mario and Sonic Winter Olympic Games Opening Cutscenes – 0:05
Alpine Downhill Skiing (Bowser) – 0:21
Ski Jumping Large Hill (Yoshi) – 2:42
Freestyle Skiing Moguls (Luigi) – 5:19
Freestyle Ski Cross (Shadow) – 6:42
Biathlon (Princess Peach vs Sonic, Waluigi, Donkey Kong) – 10:08
Snowboard Parallel Giant Slalom (Amy vs Shadow) – 14:30
Snowboard Slopestyle (Tails Tricks) – 16:05
Snowboard Cross (Daisy vs Bowser, Metal Sonic, Princess Peach) – 17:53
Speed Skating 500m (Sonic vs Donkey Kong) – 21:34
Short Track Speed Skating 1000m (Metal Sonic vs Mario, Wario, Amy) – 23:06
Figure Skating Singles (Princess Peach, Super Mario World theme) – 25:19
Figure Skating Pairs (Sonic + Amy) – 28:50
Bobsleigh (Donkey Kong) – 32:53
Hockey (Dr Eggman, Bowser, Vector, Donkey Kong vs Waluigi, Sonic, Knuckles, Metal Sonic) – 35:15
Winning Hockey Period 2 by doing Absolutely Nothing – 38:50
4-man Bobsleigh (Knuckles, Amy, Daisy, Princess Peach) – 41:26
Curling (Sonic, Bowser Jr, Blaze, Silver) – 43:42
Thank you for watching! – 52:09


  1. 17:48
    (heart break) "he, he called my boi vector, a cremlin, i guess he needs to know more sonic characters, yes zxmany there is a lot more, (A LOT MORE)

  2. Hey @ZXMany at 0:54 the way you say those words are nothing I've heard before, is it a type of habit or does it have something to do with your accent?

  3. There are less mini games then the original

  4. When I first saw the video, I was in shock thinking a new game based on Beijing 2022 just released on the Nintendo Switch, but it was actually Sochi 2014 for the Wii U.

  5. Day 5 of asking ZXMany to play Super Paper Roblox by WeTheEasiest

  6. Final score in Curling was 2-1
    They got a point because there curling was closer to the center

  7. Memories I have Mario and sonic at the winter Olympic Games I used to play it it’s awesome

  8. Unpopular opinion: I don't think this game is that bad. In fact I really enjoy it

  9. OMG!!😱😱👍👍 This is the Wii U game

  10. Wait ZXmany! You haven’t did the Dream events! 😦You should part 2! For next video

  11. The guy you said looked like a Kremling is Vector the Crocodile from Sonic.

  12. 1:24 Bowser special skill His spinning his Shell this reminds me of Mario kart double dash then characters has special items!

  13. It’s funny that whenever i see one of ur vids, you always get 1k subs

  14. I Wonder When You Are Doing A New Mario Party Superstars Video?

  15. Can you play Mario + rabbits kingdom battle?

  16. What If Super Mario Has Custom Mystery Boxes: Request

  17. Next we need you to play fall guys

  18. Can you make an nintendo switch kingdom in super Mario Odyssey wi'll honestly with the new super Mario brothers U Deluxe game cartridge As well as a level from new super Mario brothers u Deluxe

  19. Thanks for playing this it was an epic battle between me and Mario!

  20. Hi ZXMany, my 6 year old son Harry absolutely adores watching you on Super Mario and has done so for the last 8 months. He has learned so much from you. He is Super Mario mad and i have just videod him playing Super Mario Odyssey and i think he is very good for his age. How do i send the video because he would be amazed to see what you think of his gameplay? many thanks, Sarah, Harry's mum xxx

  21. Note that "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games" is actually a different game. This is Sochi 2014, but Olympic Winter Games is about Vancouver 2010.

  22. Mario & Sonic are excellent best friends at Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

  23. Resident curling expert (my dad watches a ton every Winter Olympics) – points are determined by whose team has the closest stone to the center. Essentially, you got 2 points because you had two stones closer to the center than the other team. So, when you knocked their stone in the second end, that’s how both of yours lit up. Hopefully that makes more sense!!

  24. Anyone gonna tell ZXMany he should know about how everything works in a game he plays before he starts playing on his YouTube channel via his capture card?

  25. I am not scared of anything so is Yoshi no one is some people are they just don’t know

  26. 29:38 as someone who doesn't ship Sonamy I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about this. I mean I love ZXMany but I don't love Sonic and Amy as a relationship I'm more of a Sonaze (Sonic x Blaze) kind of guy

  27. ZXMany: calling Vector a gremlin
    Me who played Mario and Sonic at the olympic winter games DS: that is a crocodile-

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