Mario Party (1) Mini-Game fun -

Mario Party (1) Mini-Game fun

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Plenty of Mini-Games from the original Mario Party. Originally uploaded: August 04, 2008

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  1. I did not know about the lianas in Piranha’s pursuit, I thought they were just background. Can’t believe there are things I still don’t know about this game!

  2. No, it's for Playstation 3. What do you think?!

  3. Way better than Crash Bash and Sonic Shuffle.

  4. @Tanicthefox It's hard to convey sarcasm through text.

  5. 1:43 Luigi would have won if he did nothing Lol

  6. Why aren't the 4 player mini games team based anymore?

  7. Mario Party 1 actually looks awesome. Never judge a game by its graphics or VOCALS o_o

    The vocals remind me of Bomberman 😛

  8. i just hate certain minigames where u lose coins if u dont win

  9. I like how two seconds into the video, you can figure out it's on emulator, and I'm not talking about the FRAPS watermark.

  10. The one that scares me the most as a child is that when that piranha plant chases after you. And it still scares to this day. 🙁
    But I still love the game, it was my first Mario Party game. I wish I never sell it. 🙁

  11. Amazing channel! started making some games myselve, what do you think?

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  13. Those are neat mini games! I love the last one!!

  14. the first, second and third mini game of this video should NEVER have left the game

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