Mario Party 1 Mini Games - Bobsled Run -

Mario Party 1 Mini Games – Bobsled Run

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Posting all Mini-Games from Mario Party 1 in HD!

This video: Bobsled Run.

I play Mario, my friend plays Yoshi. Bobsled Run is one of the longest mini-games from Mario Party 1.


  1. Seems like Wario and DK are having a disco party in the beginning.

  2. Erm…Why is at the bottom flashin' at the beginnin'?

  3. @iHammi Emulator fault. The emulator forces Mario Party in 720p 30 fps. But the original is SD 50i. (both 25fps). That's where it goes wrong, I guess.

  4. this minigame was relaxing, it reminds me of banjo kazooie

  5. oh my god, what are yoshi and mario doing at 1:04????? :OOOOOOO

  6. oh my god, what are warioand donkey kong doing at 1:06????? :OOOOOOO

  7. I played this game with my cousin when I was a little kid

  8. This theme reminds me of happy Xmas war is over by John Lennon

  9. One of my favorite mini games. Love the sounds and it was easy to beat lol

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