Mario Party 1 Mini Games - Tug 'o war -

Mario Party 1 Mini Games – Tug ‘o war

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Posting all Mini-Games from Mario Party 1 in HD!

This video:

We don’t play this game. This are CPU players. Why? Because rotating the control stick on your computer is impossible. Well, not impossible, but as quick as the computers do (they’re Very Hard) is impossible. So we decided to just let it over to the computer. 🙂


  1. My palm is starting to hurt from watching this…

  2. Sweaty, bloody palms. People bawled over in pain, clinching their hands. The roulette spins and lands on the horrors that caused their agony. "Tug a War". They cry no more, no more! That's when you know you are playing a good game of Mario Party.

  3. Remember the Sand Worm Monster from Star Wars? Doesn't anyone imagine the piranha plant is the the sand worm's worm?

  4. i know! the blisters on my palms hurt so i started carrying a glove or using a blanket to by lol

  5. so many blister's, broken joysticks, pissed off kids (myself also), tvs broke, kids with lost voice's, games, taken away, butts spanked for cussing, and pissed off friends…. and we STILL played this

  6. i'm going to call Hudson to buy me a new controller
    they designed this game so they are responsible for all the broken sticks

  7. Yeah. I screwed up my controller's joystick when I got this game. >_>

  8. Yes, hands were destroyed, but god damn was this game fun.

  9. I've never won this minigame a single time… am I the only one? I swear this and Crane Game are impossible.

  10. I hate this minigame. >:( You can't just use your thumb, even against the easiest players, use your palm like a Man! XD That's my hating problem, it causes you physical pain. X( Unless you're wearing gloves, you can get blisters from this minigame. >_< There is nothing worse than getting your skin torned off by this minigame. 🙁

  11. I HATED THIS MINIGAME. And I wish I knew about the "glove" giveaway …

  12. hated the fact that when you work so hard trying to beat whoeveres in the bowser suit you'll still lose because of the computers. -.-

  13. The game was played by rotating the stick as fast as you can to pull the other side towards you. As a result, you put the controller in your palm, because you can rotate the stick faster with that, than with your thumb, and as a result blisters would tear through your palm as you played the minigame multiple times throughout the day

  14. omg i did it. i used my sock as a glove lol

  15. I'm glad I knew about the blister issue with this game, so I always have a glove at hand.

  16. I cut myself from doing that a few times.

  17. Most painful game series I ever played.
    And i played Dark Souls 2 recently
     How was this even legal?

  18. I'd like to know who's idea was it to make a video game that consists on rotating your palm around the joystick – so i could kick his/her ass for causing these blisters.

  19. Out of all the minigames in the world. . .why this one to bring back?

  20. I hope this doesn't get you in trouble because of Mario getting eaten alive.

  21. I still get nightmares from this even to this day.

  22. R.I.P The palms of whoever was playing this game when they recorded it.

  23. wear a glove then do it using the palm of your hand that's how you complete this mini game

  24. This Minigame Drives Me Crazy Same As Paddle Battle I Used WSAD Controllers On Project 64 But Doesnt Work Either

  25. me gustan los juegos de mario, pero nunca me agrado el mismo mario asi que siempre disfrutaba verlo perder cuando me enfrentaba a el en cualquier mario party

  26. Always wear gloves when playing this game, and wrap gauze around your finger if you need to.

  27. i feel like playing this with a keyboard, i would be able to do pretty well, as i'm good at mashing W-A-S-D over and over in that order, using one finger for W and D, and the other for A and S – same for arrow keys

  28. Ah yes classic Korean children's game tug of war from Mario party specifically

  29. Even using the palm technique, a glove and a GameCube control stick, I still can’t beat this bullshit mini game because the CPU are always pulling their absolute hardest no matter what.

  30. This mini-game is better in 3ds. At least, you don't get any blisters when you rotate the joystick.

  31. Classic Korean kids game Tug o' War From Mario Party Specifically

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