Mario Party 2 Mini Games - Face Lift | Peach -

Mario Party 2 Mini Games – Face Lift | Peach

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Back from Mario Party 1: Face Lift. Bowser didn’t want to be volunteer this time… I suppose the last time hurt…? Anyway, the Mario Party characters are pulled, pushed, and confused this time. Enjoy!

I play Mario, my friend plays Yoshi. Both computer players are Super Hard.

I’m posting all mini-games from Mario Party 2 in HD. Please check out my channel and subscribe if you like them!


  1. ah damnit, her mouth can't be faceposed, so we can't make pearby

  2. I loved playing Face Lift. I always win on that game and in some occasions, I sometimes score 100.

  3. Peach getting a new hairdo. Nice, Peach.

  4. man, you used the face of my 2 vs 2 partner on mario party 2 dang why did it have to be peachs face you madeover.

  5. Seems like the player gets to be one of Peach's many cosmetic surgeons.

  6. missing character on mario party 2=peach nose

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