Mario Party 2 Mini Games - Sneak 'n' Snore -

Mario Party 2 Mini Games – Sneak ‘n’ Snore

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I don’t know how they manage to get into such situations…

Press the button to open the door and get out. Sounds simple, no? One little problem: When chomp awakes, we will eats anyone who shows his face! Stop moving and hide in your barrel. The faster you walk, the longer it takes to hide, so watch out!


  1. I don't know how you did it. My best friend and I played this game a hundred times and we never managed to win even once.

  2. i always got nightmares out of this when i was younger…

  3. Aww, I wanted to hear Wario fall down a pit going, "D'OH I MISSED!"

  4. I'd probably laugh if i did this in general xD

  5. This is basically MP2's answer to Red Light, Green Light, with the Chain Chomp as the traffic signal!

  6. I never really understood how DK was able to fit in those.

    Wario I think just breathed in.

  7. go forth and back and win….


  8. @XxXxchuy you want to get chomped by a chain chomp and go into a warp pipe and get into another dimension?

  9. fact: in the better japanese version of mxc called takeshi's castle there was a game called blueberry hill. there you had to go upward a platform to get to the goal without being spotted moving by the guard

  10. I never did get hang of that game, could never hide in the barrel fast enough. -_-

  11. The longer your character walk/sneak with holding analog stick downward or upward, the longer take their take to hide in barrel. Also just pushing analog stick slightly may help too. Not too futher That's a tip.

  12. Shouldn't they go all the way out before celebrating?

    And they would have been better off using a cardboard box. Just ask Snake

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  15. I hate how you have to stop instead of holding down a button to hide. I hope Superstars fixes it with that.

  16. This is where the Squid game took inspiration from

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