Mario Party 3 - All Mini Games -

Mario Party 3 – All Mini Games

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Every single minigame in Mario Party 3 for the N64.

00:00 4-Player Minigames
18:34 2-vs-2 Minigames
25:31 1-vs-3 Minigames
32:45 Duel Minigames
39:15 Battle Minigames
45:37 Item Minigames
47:56 Rare Minigames
56:08 Game Guy Minigames


  1. The G in my profile Picture stands for Good Content says:

    Okay let’s be real here, the mini game at 40:40 is complete cancer if you’re wagering coins

  2. That last single player mini game was a somewhat tetris game? Wow thank god I didn't bother trying to unlock that one. That would have been a disappointment.

  3. I am play mario party in my computer is very awesome


  5. Would love to see the N64 Mario Party Games Remade for the Switch

  6. I came here to watch merry go chomp and that was it

  7. I remember I was always good at most of these mini-games. Cheep Cheep Chase was one of the ones I was bad at. I don't think I ever won that one.

  8. i love bad ice cream 3 on hudgames so much just cant stop playing this game

  9. Bizarre that Yoshi attacked using his snout. I guess is one of the few games that happens.

  10. I wonder if the luck based ones like End of the Line, Merry Go Chomp, and Stacked Deck had to be played more than once to get a win

  11. If everyone said YEAH BOI when they won, that would be hilarious.

  12. Who came here to see this minigame with this giant mushroom

  13. I have a couple questions, one simple, the other I call random. Simple question: So why do they call them the Mario Party games? And random question: you know, years ago when I was a little kid, I played a Mario Party game where you played Waluigi, who, if I'm remembering correctly, had his own exclusive hammer during the mini games, or maybe just one. It's like if you were playing a Super Smash Bros game—let's say Luigi, Captain Falcon, DK, and Marth–Marth would be the only one who's got a weapon with him while the others pretty much just use their fists and feet. Does anyone know what Mario Party game I might be thinking of regarding the hammer-wielding Waluigi?

    Speaking of hammers in Mario Party, I'm actually working on an art project that involves Mario and Luigi with hammers. Can anyone maybe list as many hammer-related minigames as they can from the Mario Party series so I can use them for references and ideas for my project?

  14. Imagine if there had been a mini game land for these like in the 1st mario party.

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  16. 00:00 Alphabeto les alphabeto – ariston
    03:07 badamlu cufama – dead soup
    05:20 abc decoial phonics song abc decoial – predator
    08:19 essa b – sahil grandan
    12:47 bang bang bang – ariston
    15:19 bang bang bang list 2 – brush
    17:51 bang bang bang list 3 – chince end yodma
    20:23 bang bang bang list 4 – ariston 6
    22:55 bang bang bang list 5 – sahil grandan
    25:27 bang bang bang list 6 – evil
    27:59 bang bang bang list 7 – ariston 36
    30:31 casual – okami
    56:26 hubani hanin sipantor – zanetti

  17. Mario:im the best
    What i heard:im the fish

  18. Wins count:
    Mario: over 30 wins
    Wario: 1 win
    luigi: 1 win
    yoshi: 1 win

    Toad: Don't mind me i was in minigames part…

  19. how to win in cheep cheep chase? i picked too fast A button, including whit turbo option in project 64 when i dive the character goes down and lost speed and the cheep cheep eats me, the other do exactly same and go at same speed

  20. I remember dreaming about the minigame in the thumbnail

  21. The very first mini game in this video was snubbed from superstars, they snubbed the majority, basically all of the fighting mini games 🤦‍♂️ the best ones, they snubbed Lava Tile Isle as well from MP2, another great fighting mini game 🤦‍♂️

  22. Nintendo used the most MP3 mini games for Superstars, they picked 24/100, from MP3 alone, yet they still managed to miss the majority of the best ones, like the fighting one or the shooting, it’s like they wanted to add no violence to superstars 🤦‍♂️

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