Mario Party 3 Mini Games - Bowser Toss -

Mario Party 3 Mini Games – Bowser Toss

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Throw “Bowser” as far as you can! Mash your A button and keep your Bowser about 60 degrees for the best result.

I cheated this game: I’ve set the controller input range on 50% so I only have to press up for a good result. As you can see, Yoshi has more trouble keeping Bowser on a good height…

I play Mario, my friend plays Yoshi.

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  1. Every time I get this and I’m facing a hard computer, I instantly give up

  2. Just when I thought you had to rotate the control stick for this one…

  3. Believe it or not, if you throw the bowser high enough in this game, you can see stars (with faces) in the sky xD

  4. This proves that anyone can kick bowsers ass

  5. @icedragonxl4 I agree with you. That's almost impossible. I'd won only once in a perfect run…

  6. I broke 90 tonight and for a bet my friend had to chug half of his vodka that he had. it was a fun night. lol

  7. I thought you did have to rotate the control stick for this one but then they changed it because people were hurting themselves getting blisters and such and destroying their control pads so they changed it. At least thats what wikipedia says.

  8. This Minigame Is Hard If You Are Going Against A CPU.

  9. tfw the mini game roulette chooses this and you know your gonna get reamed by the hard cpu.

  10. I loved this game as a kid, but this was by far the worst most poorly designed minigame


    como jogar no p.c visto quenoa passei ainda de 31 yards como jogar sem alavanca tipo uso seta tem como aumentar !?

  12. this duel game was the best cause bowser is the worst person in history!

  13. So long gay Bowser!

    Oh wait, wrong game. 😛

  14. Gracias! A mi me funcionó en 25% (range)

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