Mario Party 3 Mini Games - Stacked Deck -

Mario Party 3 Mini Games – Stacked Deck

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Choose one of the cards…. And choose carefully! A Baby Bowser will kill you, Toad will make you go another round, and Boo will change the turn order. (if you got Boo, you mostly may do another turn straight away).

If somebody knows patterns, please comment! Everytime I think I see one, it fails.

I play Mario, my friend plays Yoshi. Both computer players are Super Hard.

I’m posting all mini-games from Mario Party 3 in HD. Please check out my channel and subscribe if you like them!


  1. this reminds me of cut from the team in Mario Party 8

  2. battle time: 50 coins!! + this minigame + bad luck….. well…. u.u

  3. i lolled hard at 0:53 , because of the boo scaring them away

  4. This mini-game would give me nightmares as a kid. Especially the one with the keys. If i got left behind in a 1 human player game with 3 computer players i would just stare at the T.V. like a bloated zombie especially when mom or dad said. "Steven time for dinner." and dad said. "Jessica tell your brother to come in the living room for dinner." and my sister would come in my room and react. "Steven come eat with the family. Steven are you all right?" I was braindead until Jessica turned off the console to restore my senses.

  5. This was the only battle mini game I absolutely did not like in this game. I did like Merry Go Round though.

  6. the word "rigged" if it were a mario party minigame

  7. It’s a Stacked Deck alright, Against you that is!

  8. This is the hardest minigame forever because everytime i choose card it tricked me it flip a baby bowser everytime i got last place everytime if someone know how to get 1st place place please give me a trick thank you.

  9. As much as I LOVED Mario Party 3,
    THIS was the mini game I hated the most.
    Unlike Merry-Go Chomp, you didn’t know what you were landing on until it was too late! It’s like Yoshi’s Island’s Flip Cards.

  10. Out of every luck mini-game, this was the one I hated the most.

  11. I love this mini game. I don't care if it's bad or anything, but still, I love it.

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