Mario Party 5 - All Mini Games -

Mario Party 5 – All Mini Games

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Every single minigame in Mario Party 5 for the GameCube.
00:00 4-Player Minigames
16:04 1-vs-3 Minigames
24:09 2-vs-2 Minigames
34:00 Battle Minigames
38:11 Duel Minigames
47:07 Bowser Minigames
48:44 DK Minigames
45:55 Story Minigames
55:50 Bonus Minigames


  1. In this video i hate mario i dont no why 😂😂

  2. Couldn’t the cpu at least be on a much harder difficulty, this looks really pathetic

  3. being honest too many minigames from this game (17 minigames ) made it to the top 100

  4. The card party counts as a mini game

  5. 49:57, man these all bring back nostalgic memories from when i was younger, but then again, i broke this game when i was younger and my mom loved playing it.

  6. The bowser mini games were always my favorite on this one.

  7. That first mini game made me hungry for ice cream. I have a sweet tooth and it’s making me hungry

  8. My sister thank you talking Well I want Mario To win all the time in 1st place not in Second place3rd place Not in 4th place So we don't want them in that many places I mostly don't want him to be orth place

  9. Mario Party 5
    Release date: November 10, 2003 (17 years)

  10. Mario Party 5 hat einen echt riesigen Teil meiner Kindheit eingenommen. Hab daraus ein Trink-Party Spiel gemacht. Könnt dafür gerne Mal auf meinem Kanal vorbeischauen.

  11. うえからブロックとふわふわファイトは難しすぎて嫌いだった。

  12. the first two gcn Mario party games were better.
    In order.
    1st: 5
    2nd: 4
    3rd: 7
    4th: 6

  13. 40:02 Okay what sign is that anyway… caution? (Also Mario follows his brother's footsteps by winning by doing absolutely nothing)

  14. The nostalgia of playing this with my big brother at age 5… 🙂

  15. They played the Minigame Theme in The new Mario Party Trailer

  16. 48:00 welcome to the most nerve racking minigame on Mario party 5

  17. Why did they change 'Start!' to 'Go!' in Mario Party 6? The same generic announcer is also in Mario Party 7.

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