Mario Party 8 - All 1-Vs-3 Minigames -

Mario Party 8 – All 1-Vs-3 Minigames

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All 1 Vs 3 minigames in Mario Party 8 for the Nintendo Wii. Below is my playlist for Mario Party 8. #MarioParty8 #Mario #MarioParty

Mario Party 8 Playlist:


  1. 4:51is that Shy Guy using the generic punch animation three? Never noticed before

  2. this vid was uploaded 20 minutes ago yay am i early

  3. Omg this has brought back so many memories

  4. Question: of the 13 main Mario Parties (1-10, Advance, DS, and Island Tour), which one is the best?

  5. I played the Mario Party 8 and Mario Party 10 and it is difficult to play at that level.

  6. I'm watching this on May 29, 2017, the 10th anniversary of Mario Party 8!

  7. Mario : 😉👍
    Luigi : 😡
    Peach : 😡
    Yoshi : 😡

  8. And is not nice to lose on Luigi and princess peach and yoshi in Mario party 8

  9. I remember playing this with my parents. Or the memories.

  10. Who else would actually jump in chump rope as a kid

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