Mario Party 9 - All Minigames (Master Difficulty) -

Mario Party 9 – All Minigames (Master Difficulty)

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All minigames in Mario Party 9 versus master difficulty CPU. Time stamps for all minigame types are listed below.

All videos on the channel feature carefully practiced and high level gameplay of my unique experiences with each game. Video content is transformative and instructional showing players how to beat the game on the highest difficulty settings. My creative input ensures adherence to YouTube’s partner program guidelines. All recordings are 100% recorded and edited solely by me.

0:00 – All Free-For-All Minigames
43:02 – All 1 vs 3 Minigames
49:17 – All boss Minigames
1:16:05 – All Bowser Jr. Minigames


  1. I havent watched the video yet! But I know its going to be AMAZING❤️👍

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  4. DVDM Luigi vs Mario vs Daisy vs Peach

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  9. How come in the first game, I always see Player 3 comes 4th place

  10. I remember when i was like 6 getting this game for christmas i was so happy

  11. Dexter64 Mii / The Gamer Channel The Editor NAUTTP says:

    Play all games and who will win?

  12. Mario party nine has one of the best collection of mini games in the series I hate how people bash The game just because of the car mode do you MP9 has also one of the best Minigames modes ever +7 different boards💗

  13. Mario Party Minigames Ghoulish of Minigame on Mario Party series

  14. Mario Party 9 is released in Fjord of 2012

  15. First of all.. what Nintendo device is it on? It’s not on the wii. I looked. i have a Modded wii that lets you play every wii game. MP9 was not there. Maybe Wii U 🤔. But idk. tell me in a replying comment. I will also check all other comments in 1 year

  16. i like this video becuase mario was the best i also i like the princess and luogi

  17. このバスは循環手稲40番曙通り経由手稲駅北口行きです。💢(怒)

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