Mario Party 9 - All Minigames (Master Difficulty) -

Mario Party 9 – All Minigames (Master Difficulty)

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Gameplay of all minigames in Mario Party 9 on Nintendo Wii (Master Difficulty)

00:00 All Free-for-All Minigames
43:29 All 1-vs-Rivals Minigames
49:38 All Bowser Jr Minigames
55:18 All Boss Battle Minigames

All Free-for-All Minigames:
00:00 Buddy Bounce
00:48 Logger Heads
01:32 Pinball Fall
02:20 Launch Break
03:28 Goomba Village
04:45 Speeding Bullets
05:29 Pianta Pool
06:50 Chain Event
07:27 Skyjinks
08:25 Skipping Class
09:25 Mecha Choice
10:35 Jigsaw Jumble
11:13 Growing Up
12:30 Upward Mobility
13:14 Ring Leader
14:14 Smash Compactor
15:14 Peak Precision
15:44 10 to Win
18:20 Tuger Tug
18:47 Card Smarts
20:00 Toad and Go Seek
20:44 Polar Extreme
21:29 Goomba Bowling
23:09 Tumble Temple
24:24 Twist Ending
25:04 Manor of Escape
26:01 Player Conveyor
26:34 Ballistic Beach
27:10 Bumper Bubbles
28:29 Finger Painting
29:13 Bomb Barge
30:26 Don’t Look
32:12 Snow Go
32:50 Piranha Patch
33:40 Plunder Ground
34:57 Pier Pressure
36:52 Billistics
38:07 Pit or Platter
38:52 Thwomper Room
39:40 Urn It
40:39 Goomba Spotting
41:38 Magma Mayhem
42:01 Pizza Me, Mario
42:32 Fungi Frenzy

All 1-vs-Rivals Minigames:
43:29 Ruins Rumble
43:57 Hazard Hold
44:41 Line in the Sand
45:11 Block and Roll
46:11 Tackle Takedown
46:34 Weird Wheels
47:04 Spike-n-Span
47:35 Hole Hogs
48:27 Pix Fix
48:51 Mob Sleds

All Bowser Jr Minigames:
49:38 Mecha March
50:17 Bowser Pop
51:01 Double Pounder
51:34 Zoom Room
52:03 Cage Match
52:30 Crossfire Caverns
53:04 Bumper Sparks
53:32 Sand Trap
54:03 Pair of Aces
54:39 Pedal to the Paddle

All Boss Battle Minigames:
55:18 Sock It to Lakitu
56:23 Wiggler Bounce
57:38 Whomp Stomp
01:00:04 Bombard King Bob-Omb
01:02:05 Deck Dry Bones
01:03:42 King Boo’s Puzzle Attack
01:04:58 Cheep Cheep Shot
01:06:24 Blooper Barrage
01:07:46 Spike Strike
01:09:23 Chain Chomp Romp
01:12:01 Bowser Jr Breakdown
01:16:16 Bowser’s Block Battle
01:20:36 Diddy’s Banana Blast
01:21:13 DK’s Banana Bonus

I am playing as Mario and the CPU characters are Luigi, Peach and Daisy (Master Difficulty)


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  3. Minigames that were ported to Mario Party The Top 100 and my opinions:

    Logger Heads-Don't need to be here but is acceptable

    Speeding Bullets-The minigame is cool but on the 3DS the controls are just awful

    Jigsaw Jumble-Same as Logger Heads

    Peak Precision-Absolutely need to be in the Top 100

    Goomba Bowling-Odd choiche

    Bumper Bubbles-I guess it is good enough to be here

    Don't Look-Actually,I think this is extremely fun so is more than acceptable

    Pier Pressure-I hate luck minigames,but the music is relaxing.I only played it once and then I just listened to the music when I wanted.

    Magma Mayhem-Absolute classic.Deserves to be in Top 100

    Tacle Takedown-Another odd choiche,since its boring after the first time

    What do you think?

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  8. All Characters For Mario Party 9
    Koopa Troopa
    Shy Guy

  9. I used to watch something like this when I was 4

  10. Hi my name is nellie……..l like your videos.

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