Mario Party 9 - Minigames - Bowser Party -

Mario Party 9 – Minigames – Bowser Party

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Let’s play mario party 9 – minigames – bowser party and feel the fun. Enjoy! Please activate the full description for time stamps. Thank you for watching. I would be glad if the video can gain 100,000 views. Please share with everyone.

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  1. I want pink/yellow Bowser costume in the next Smash game.

  2. Bowser Party 9 You mean?

  3. The blue bowser is supposed to be dark bowserAnd the pink one is midbusDon’t know what the hell the red one is supposed to be

  4. Blue Bowser LuigiRed Bowser MarioPink Bowser PeachNormal Bowser Shy Guy

  5. i like the blue one it looks like dark bowser

  6. 역시 마리오(MARIO),루이지(Luigi)최고!!♥😘😍

  7. You should have changed up the characters so we could see each character

  8. Can you not put Peach on Green more? Because of she does not wear anything green and Green does not fit to Peach. Put someone else on Green instead, like Mario and Luigi. Because of both of them were already playable characters all the time.

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