Mario Party Series - All Minigames (Through Super Mario Party) -

Mario Party Series – All Minigames (Through Super Mario Party)

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Mario Party 1 through Super Mario Party all minigames featuring characters from the Super Mario Bros. Movie. This is a guide for beating every minigame in Mario Party playing on master difficulty. This includes all minigames in the console Mario Party titles through Super Mario Party on Nintendo Switch.

All videos on the channel feature carefully practiced and high level gameplay of my unique experiences with each game. Video content is transformative and instructional showing players how to beat the game on the highest difficulty settings. I spend hundreds to thousands of hours mastering each game so I can play it at the highest levels. My creative input ensures adherence to YouTube’s partner program guidelines. All recordings are 100% recorded and edited solely by me.

0:00 Mario Party All Minigames
34:34 Mario Party 2 All Minigames
1:19:37 Mario Party 3 All Minigames
2:17:13 Mario Party 4 All Minigames
3:27:03 Mario Party 5 All Minigames
4:25:54 Mario Party 6 All Minigames
5:26:39 Mario Party 7 All Minigames
6:39:15 Mario Party 8 All Minigames
7:41:40 Mario Party 9 All Minigames
9:02:43 Mario Party 10 All Minigames
10:21:07 Super Mario Party All Minigames


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  5. 🤩⭐🌟My favorite characters are mario and peach and I still have the old super Mario game on Nintendo but I still don't have the new super Mario games yet but I'll buy them one day and I watch tv shows and movies on there too there all amazing and my family loves it🌟⭐🤩

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  7. I still have a physical copy of Mario Party 5!

  8. I really wish I could see the names of all the minigames…
    Other than that, a really good video!

  9. What if we call it the title: "Mario Party: All Stars" and make all characters available plus all minigames

  10. Hey what about Mario Party Superstars?

  11. Why is there no Mario Party The Top 100, Mario Party Island Tour or Mario Party Superstars

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