Mario Party Star Rush – Mini-games & Multiplayer Trailer -

Mario Party Star Rush – Mini-games & Multiplayer Trailer

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Test your skills against friends in Mario Party Star Rush by racing around a game board in a gauntlet of rapid-fire mini-games. With over 50 unique mini-games in total, this party offers something for everyone! Mario Party Star Rush for Nintendo 3DS. Available Now! #MarioParty

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  2. I was just at GameStop a few days ago. I got Tomadachi Life and didn't know what to get for the other game. I could only get two so I got Pokemon Sun. Pokemon Sun wasn't really what I thought It would be so I now realize that I should've gotten this game. No offense to all those people who say they love(ed) Pokemon Sun, It's a great game, I'm just not a fan…

  3. the toads at the beginning were so cute!! >w<

  4. Yo, what's the music they used in this trailer?

  5. This game is horrible, avoid it at all costs.

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  7. best Mario party 1 100/100 1th soundtrack I wish remaster on 3DS XL or 3DSLL !
    Mario party 4 98/100 extra e-reader GBA this one most ost heaven such a game I call it number 1 ever a gameplay so simple they must make on Nintendo switch we want remaster Mario party add more stuff stage
    Mario party 9 70/100
    best game ever made soundtrack

  8. Need more friends on 3ds my friend code is 1092-2470-0059. Comment back your code please!

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  10. When is nintendo going to start listening to their fans? Mario Party is dying, bring back the old gameplay we all love, not this

  11. my Friends Nintendo lovers subscribe in me chain

  12. no online mode again means no buying. because i dont actually have any friends to play this with!

  13. Wait, are you kidding? There's no online? How do you expect your average consumer to get 3 other 3ds owners in a room? That's really limiting the audience for the game. At least on console versions of MP you only need one console

  14. As usual, Nostalgia blinded people that want every Mario Party to be the same…
    People want 10+ Mario Party games where you do the same thing and it's fine..
    Oh no… 4 NSMB games ?? That's too much ! REHASHHHHHH!

  15. Nintendo For the switch GIVE US A MARIO PARTY THATS GOOD!LIKE 8!

  16. I like how at the beginning they say not actual gameplay 😂 lmao

  17. Mario sunshine for the new 3ds will be way better

  18. Does this game has online multiplayer as well? I am on to it really bad i want to play with other players as well close to mario cart etc!

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