Mario Party Superstars - All Minigames Comparison (Switch vs Original) -

Mario Party Superstars – All Minigames Comparison (Switch vs Original)

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This is a unique video that shows a comparison of all minigames in Mario Party Superstars with the original version of each minigames. #Mario #MarioBros #SuperMarioBros Are you excited for the Super Mario Bros. Movie and looking for Mario content? I’ve got it tons of videos from all of your favorite Mario games.

This channel features instructional & highly edited video game guides, walkthroughs, speedruns and other uniquely transformative videos. My own personal gameplay, extensive editing & creative input are clearly added into each video, ensuring that all videos adhere to YouTube’s partner program guidelines. My walkthoughs take tremendous amounts of work & editing so that all videos are straight to the point & can be used as professional video game guides. I have spent thousands of hours practicing & mastering games before recording to ensure the highest quality gameplay possible. All gameplay is my own & is recorded and edited solely by me. Permission to upload each game was provided by the game publisher.


  1. I’m getting a switch for my birthday anyways I also played Mario part dos 2

  2. Доброе не будет на английском я

  3. I can't believe you still have does consoles there so old

  4. Fun fact: the enemy in crazy cutters only pops out if you have over 80 points, a callback to as long as you had more then 80 points in the original you were good

  5. Dana The Speedpaint Lover 💕 “No Bullies Allowed” says:

    All The Mini Games Are There With 100 Games! 😍🥰😘

  6. Snagged this for $33 from a reseller, can't wait👍

  7. One thing that bothers me about this comparison is the original games weren't in Widescreen so all the original captures are fat and squished. Otherwise this is nice.

  8. Mario Party SuperStars is the best better than mario party 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.9,10

  9. No matter what, the original will always be the best

  10. COME ON!! NINTENDO give Mario Party Superstars a chance to have DLC

  11. Why does wario shouts similar to Niko in gta 4 in older versions

  12. Out of all the Mario party games, which one is your favorite?

    Me: Mario Party 4

  13. Mario Party 1 minigames at 0:00, Mario Party 2 minigames at 21:01, Mario Party 3 minigames at 52:22, Mario Party 4 minigames at 1:31:21, Mario Party 5 minigames at 1:48:31, Mario Party 6 minigames at 2:03:38, Mario Party 7 minigames at 2:23:25, Mario Party 8 minigames at 2:38:46, Mario Party 9 minigames at 2:42:38 and Mario Party 10 minigames at 2:51:04. I hope this helps you all know what minigames are from what Mario Party game they come from from my comment and have a wonderful day or night where ever you are.

  14. 7:35 I'm dying because not only is the Peach flattened noise hilarious, its also consistantly happening throughout the whole game xD

  15. My favourite minigame is tread carefully mario party 2

  16. Nintendo did a great job remastering all the Mario party games I wish they put more Mario party 4 games

  17. They said goodbye to this game after 2 weeks and we never got dlc for this game

  18. You can't beat the classics it just won't be the same

  19. There are small details lost in the remake, that I do miss – the coins rotating around the winning head in Face Lift, the Piranha Plant spitting out coins in the Tug o' War / the Bowser-suit winner laughing at the losers.. Ugh, Tipsy Tourney replacing the unique ~painted art~ design of the target image with a glossy FIRE_FLOWER_STOCK_ASSET.PNG is pretty lazy.

    Lord, are the characters noisier, too; Handcar Havoc was a nightmare to listen to.

    Stuff like Bombs Away, and Mushroom Mix-Up are alright, though.

  20. The cartoon and the real one are good but I have the real one that I play that is funny and I like it. And I love you videos a lot. Also I sub and like every I watch your videos😊❤

  21. For me, Mario Party 7 will always be the best Mario Party for me! ☺️💕

  22. I'm probably in the minority here, but…I'm not a huge fan of the new look. They often look way too bright (look at 1:22:04, good lord) or go overboard with the realism like with Boulder Ball.
    Fancy lighting and graphics are nice, but alot of the original games are far easier on the eyes. Ice-Rink Risk for example had the playing field stand out more in the original, and Spin Doctor has a strange new look to it that I think it didn't need.

    Don't get me wrong, some of these are improved from the original, namely Bumper Balls, Face-Lift, and Pogo-a-Go-Go.

  23. I still rather the way they all look and sound in the older games. 💕 especially in Mario party 3 that was supposed to not look realistic

  24. 0:02 Mario party: minijuego 1-1 (Switch)
    0:47 Mario party: minijuego 1-1 (N64)
    1:28 Mario party: minijuego 1-2 (Switch)
    2:16 Mario party: minijuego 1-2 (N64)
    3:02 Mario party: minijuego 1-3 (Switch)
    3:47 Mario party: minijuego 1-3 (N64)
    4:27 Mario party: minijuego 1-4 (Switch)
    5:01 Mario party: minijuego 1-4 (N64)
    5:24 Mario party: minijuego 1-5 (Switch)
    6:07 Mario party: minijuego 1-5 (N64)
    6:50 Mario party: minijuego 1-6 (Switch)
    7:14 Mario party: minijuego 1-6 (N64)
    7:33 Mario party: minijuego 1-7 (Switch)
    8:54 Mario party: minijuego 1-7 (N64)
    9:58 Mario party: minijuego 1-8 (Switch)
    11:13 Mario party: minijuego 1-8 (N64)
    12:23 Mario party: minijuego 1-9 (Switch)
    13:09 Mario party: minijuego 1-9 (N64)
    13:51 Mario party: minijuego 1-10 (Switch)
    14:51 Mario party: minijuego 1-10 (N64)
    15:47 Mario party: minijuego 1-11 (Switch)
    17:04 Mario party: minijuego 1-11 (N64)
    18:12 Mario party: minijuego 1-12 (Switch)
    20:12 Mario party: minijuego 1-12 (N64)

  25. Mis mario party favoritos son el 9 y 10 😍😍😍

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