Mario Party Superstars - Overview Trailer -

Mario Party Superstars – Overview Trailer

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Get the party started with Mario Party Superstars! Check out the new features, upgrades, and more coming to the game.

🎲: 5 classic boards, 100 minigames

👥 : Play online with friends or via matchmaking

Pre-order today before the 10/29 release:

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  1. Guys, you can play longer than 15 rounds online, just press Y and select rules. It's boring playing only 15 rounds

  2. I am gonna miss the Vehicles where you all go together in mario party 9 🙁

  3. I was so disappointed in this game because it’s not too many boards… they could have added way more boards from 4,5,6,7, and 8. Also mini games from those numbers… I get board very easily with the boards but it’s still a great game… I love how they have the basketball one from 4 and Coney Island from 5… I just wish it was more options.. hopefully they update this game.

  4. The truth is that I am a bit disappointed to see the n64 Mario party on switch instead of seeing their boards as remastered DLC🥲

  5. I want buy this game super bad at best buy or target

  6. I got this game on 10/28, when everyone else got it on 10/29.

  7. hol up, is the narrator the narrator for super smash bros ultimate?

  8. Happy 1 Year Mario Party Superstars Please Give us DLC 🙃🙃🙃

  9. Mario Party 11 has
    Koopa Troopa
    Donkey Kong
    Diddy Kong
    Dark Samus

  10. ONLY 5 MAPS!!!

    That said,The game has all the mini games and great online functionality.
    Am I love it,does NOT feel worth full price

  11. Does anyone know if it got that voice mimic game on it like the old one

  12. Και το πάρτι θα γίνει στις 29 Οκτωβρίου στο νιντέντο σουίτς

  13. I had been debating a while on buying Mario Party Superstars cause I knew I’d only ever play solo or with the computer/random people. I ended up getting it on a $40 deal but I haven’t opened it yet.

    The other games I debated on buying other than Mario Party Superstars were: Super Mario Odyssey, Donkey, Kong Country Tropical Freeze or Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

    Any suggestions or input on whether I should keep Mario Party Superstars or should I have purchased one of the other 3 games I was undecided on instead??

  14. DLC for this game Nintendo? We need more boards. Thanks🥹

  15. needs more boards 🙁 can we have koopa’s tycoon town pleass

  16. And they don’t even have Donkey Kong or Birdo!
    That Top 100 line didn’t age well at all.

  17. I miss the car mode in the Party Mode, wish they can bring that back

  18. Still waiting for DLC. You know, items, boards, minigames and more from the DS, wii, gamecube and N64 games. How about amiibo party? That had so much potential, having all 10 boards into one big board to explore. How about bringing back 50 turn games? What about duels and 2V2 games? Come on Nintendo, this game is SO BARE BONES. "Celebrate Mario party both new and old?" More like "just give the game 75% N64 stuff. Nobody will care".

  19. Nintendo ads really have a distinct style of having lots of voiceover, I think it came from the Japanese version probably, even in the Chinese version of ads it's like this, really interesting!

  20. Fact The Compilation Party Said Sock Puppet More Like Top 100

  21. Charlie Morningstar Señora De Alastor😍 says:

    Lest a goo🎉❤

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