Mario Party: The Top 100 - All Mini-Games (Original Mario Party's) -

Mario Party: The Top 100 – All Mini-Games (Original Mario Party’s)

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Mario Party: The Top 100 All Mini-Games

Mario Party: The Top 100 for the 3DS is released in America so we celebrate by playing the original classic versions from all the top 100 Mini-Games!

We play multiplayer with 3 players and 1 computer player on Super Hard/Intense/Brutal/Master.

Here is the The Top 100 Mini-Game list with Timestamps:
0:00:00 – Mario Party 1 for the Nintendo 64 Mini-Games:
Bombs Away
Desert Dash
Face Lift
Piranha’s Pursuit
Shy Guy Says
Tug o’ War

0:04:53 – Mario Party 2 for the Nintendo 64 Mini-Games:
Cake Factory
Bowser’s Big Blast
Bumper Balls (Stage 1)
Dizzy Dancing
Handcar Havoc
Hexagon Heat
Honeycomb Havoc
Looney Lumberjacks
Mecha Marathon
Roll Call (Variant 3, Bob-omb)
Shell Shocked (Stage 2)
Slot Car Derby (Course 1)
Speed Hockey

0:17:13 – Mario Party 3 for the Nintendo 64 Mini-Games:
Bounce ‘n’ Trounce
Chip Shot Challenge
Eatsa Pizza
Ice Rink Risk
Toadstool Titan (Called “Mush Pit” in The Top 100)
Rockin’ Raceway
Snowball Summit
Storm Chasers
The Beat Goes On
Three Door Monty
Tidal Toss
Vine With Me

0:28:07 – Mario Party 4 for the Nintendo GameCube Mini-Games:
Beach Volley Folley
Blame It on the Crane
Hide and Go BOOM!
Kareening Koopas
Mario Speedwagons
Order Up
Paths of Peril
The Final Battle!
The Great Deflate
Three Throw
Trace Race

0:43:41 – Mario Party 5 for the Nintendo GameCube Mini-Games:
Button Mashers
Cage-in Cookin’
Coney Island
Defuse or Lose
Dinger Derby
Heat Stroke
Hotel Goomba
Ice Hockey
Later Skater
Leaf Leap
Manic Mallets
Night Light Fright
Pushy Penguins
Shy Guy Showdown
Squared Away
Triple Jump
Tube It or Lose It

0:58:03 – Mario Party 6 for the Nintendo GameCube Mini-Games:
Block Star
Catch You Letter
Crate and Peril
Dizzy Rotisserie
Rocky Road
Slot Trot
Snow Whirled
Strawberry Shortfuse
Trap Ease Artist

1:07:36 – Mario Party 7 for the Nintendo GameCube Mini-Games:
Balloon Busters
Dart Attack
Deck Hands
Jump, Man
Monty’s Revenge
Pokey Pummel
Sphere Factor
Stick and Spin
The Final Countdown
Track & Yield
Vine Country

1:20:56 – Mario Party 8 for the Nintendo Wii Mini-Games:
Aim of the Game
At the Chomp Wash
Crank to Rank

1:22:52 – Mario Party 9 for the Nintendo Wii Mini-Games:
Bumper Bubbles
Don’t Look
Goomba Bowling
Jigsaw Jumble
Logger Heads
Magma Mayhem
Peak Precision
Pier Pressure
Speeding Bullets
Tackle Takedown

1:32:55 – Mario Party 10 for the Nintendo Wii U Mini-Games:
Badminton Bash
Flash Forward
Jewel Drop
Soar to Score

Thanks for watching and subscribe for more Mario Party! What is your favorite Mini-Game and do you like or dislike the The Top 100 Mini-Game list? Let us know in the comments below.

Mario is played by Maurits.
In Mario Party 1, 2, 3 and 4 Rik plays as Peach.
In Mario Party 5 ,6, 7, 8 ,9 and 10 Rik plays as Yoshi.
In Mario Party 1, 2, 3 and 4 Myrte plays as Yoshi.
In Mario Party 5 ,6, 7, 8 and 10 Myrte plays as Toad.
In Mario Party 9 Myrte plays as Koopa.
Luigi is controlled by a Super Hard/Intense/Brutal/Master Computer.


  1. Maria Party, Garfield Quadrinho Kermit and frog Pacman Bandainamco Goomba

  2. 😊 Nintendo Wii Pacman, Quadrinho Garfield, Goomba, Kermit and Frog

  3. Wii party 9 mod Pacman and Garfield Goomba and Kermit máster CPU

  4. Draw in Mario Party 4's Booksquirm 📔📕📖📗📘📙📚📓📒

  5. On the 2 vs 2 mini-games, which team were you on?

  6. Can you make a comparison between the old Mario party minigames to the top 100 minigames?

  7. Is this released already in America?
    It will be released on December 28th in Japan・・・

  8. Your description says "Tidal Toss", but the footage shown was "Bowser Toss". You guys need to fix that.

    Your description is true, NOT the footage.

  9. Dedicated to…
    Hiroshi Yamauchi(1927-2013)
    Satoru Iwata(1959-2015)

  10. Speeding Bullets wasn't shown here, Forgot?

  11. you're all pro players XD

    even myrte concidering she doesn't play mario party that much

  12. Hiroshi Yahmauchi: The founding father of Nintendo it's self

    Satoru Iwata: The guy who pushed Nintendo into transforming from a card manufacturing company Into a video game company

  13. mario party the top 100 but its not mario party the top 100

  14. I have some questions about The Top 100.
    Q1)Why does Nintendo use different music on some of the minigames?
    Q2)How come some of the original non-playable characters not appear/some of them who do appear don’t make some character voice impressions?
    Q3)How come Mario Parties 1-8 doesn’t do the 1st-4th Results thing?

  15. Wait no character extra sounds for Mario in bowser's big blast that's dumb

  16. I personally love these videos. They're really awesome and let's me see every single thing in every game and how it evolved too. Thank you for uploading these!

  17. Yo that second minigame reminds me of The Lion King anybody else agree with me?

  18. I think you made a mistake with the Mario Party 3 minigames. The returning one was "Tidal Toss", the one you showed us was "Bowser Toss".


  20. Evolution of Bowser Car:
    1) Bowser Black Car (2002-2003)
    2) Bowser Super-Power Car (2004-2007)
    3) Bowser Car
    (2012 – now)
    Evolution of Bowser Jr. Car
    1) 2002-2003 (Koopa Kids)
    2) 2004 (Koopa Kids)
    3) 2005 (Koopa Kids)
    4) 2012 – now
    (Bowser Jr.)

  21. Slot car derby bumper balls and handcar havoc were all featured in the first Mario party

  22. 26:55 I don’t have this mini game in Mario Party the top 100 ???

  23. In crank to rank you guys weren’t even going fast and beat my personal record.

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