Mario Party: The Top 100 - All Mini-Games -

Mario Party: The Top 100 – All Mini-Games

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See gameplay of all 100 mini-games in Mario Party: The Top 100! This compilation includes every returning minigame that first appeared in the original Mario Party 1, 2, and 3, on Nintendo 64, plus the others on GameCube, Wii, and Wii U!
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  1. The character roster was the only thing disappointing…. like does Nintendo EVER learn? Lol

  2. When Mario is relived on the bowser bomb he is like oh I wanted to explode

  3. Nintendo could've made this one of the best newer Mario Games if they'd only included five or six boards modeled after the great ones from the first couple Mario Parties. Instead they used just one, boring, tiny board with that irritating 'everyone move at once' thing and no items, no mini games after every turn and no mix ups about the stars at ALL. Plus, no online play so if you're like me and have no one to play with, you're screwed!

  4. This takes me back to MarioParty2, time to cry now. Childhood restored.

  5. Wow at first I felt hyped to see they returned the Piranha's Pursuit mini game back but, not realizing Nintendo removed the original music from that mini game just ruins the nostalgia. The music sounds nothing like the original. The original music was so much more intense.

  6. Completely fucking ruined the music. This game is a disgrace to the original Mario Party games.

  7. Mari party 3 is best still play it on my Nintendo 64 today


  9. The minigames themselves look great!
    Too bad the board game is bland and uninteresting

  10. They need to put this on the switch , I have all the games on my consoles but it would be nice to play them on just one console and sadly I don’t have a Nintendo 3ds, also they should one day put online gaming for this so you can play with other players from different parts of the world on it.

  11. Love the change they made for Dizzy Dancing!

  12. Crappy character roster and no Dungeon Duos

  13. Who the fuck brought back the best goes on? It's impossible to spell bazza now

  14. They added D.K. Minigames but not Camp Ukiki?

  15. Bumper Bubbles vs. Bumper Balls! Which one is luckier?

  16. If you slow daisy down on bombs away when a bomb hits the island she says heck no! xD

  17. > "We're bringing back the best of the best minigames!"
    > Brings back The Beat Goes On
    > Doesn't bring back Dungeon Duos.
    > Brings back 17 minigames from MP5 without bringing back Panic Pinball

    You guys had one fucking job.

  18. They changed the Piranha pursuit music, why???

  19. I like the updated form of Dizzy Dancing, I was sad to hear the updated music for bumper balls from Mario Party 2. Also would've liked to have seen Toad in a Box, or LooK Away from Mario Party 2 to have made the list.

  20. I like the change they made to speed hockey's music. Using the Mario Party 3 music there was a nice musical change. But then on the next game they use Mario Party 7's music over the cake mini game, hmmmm I didn't like that change so much. I think a lot of people would've preferred Destruction Duet over Loney Loggers. I love the Snow Summit remix, the piano ws very nice. The Updated Bounce N' Trounce looks nice. Sad that they took out the original song for Rockin Raceway. I'll admit the Mario Party 2 song fits better, but the original sounded so cute and calm. The use of the Giant Mushroom makes a lot of sense in "Mush Pit"? They changed the name there, I'd prefer "All Fired Up" over "Storm Chasers". This comment is getting long, I need to make a video about this. I like the Mario Party 6 music change over the Chip Shot Challenge original theme. The controls look a lot easier too. Ice Rink looks great, glad that made the cut. The beat goes on is a lot faster, but I don't like the remix of the um "BEAT". I see that Tidal Toss is still unbalanced, I'm surprised the 3 team lost. I think I'd prefer the original Eats a Pizza Song, I don't understand how the vine game beat out. The Pop gun game, the Bowser toss, the Shell Tunnel racer game, and my personal favorite Tick Tock Clock.

  21. Mario party top 100 All mini game in over 20 years!

  22. They should do a Mario Kart spinoff with this premise.

  23. I miss the old winning celebrations. When the character celebrated and “ ‘character’ WINS” popped out.

  24. idk why everyone is prasing this game, i played all the mario party games hundred of hours and for sure at least the mario party 1 minigames showed in here are really easy compared to the n64 version it was more difficult than this really

  25. Top 10 best
    10 shy guy says
    9 bombs away
    8 face lift
    7 hexagon heat
    6 roll call
    5 at the chomp wash
    4 bowser's big blast
    3 booksquirm
    2 pushy penguins
    1 bumper balls
    Top 10 worst
    10 soar to score
    9 don't look
    8 dizzy dancing
    7 baton masher
    6 ice rink risk
    5 storm chaser
    4 chip shot challenge
    3 slot car dery
    2 pirana's prasut
    1 tug o war

  26. So excited to play this. Got a sleepover soon and I'm saving up my money. Wahoo!

  27. Me comprare ese juego en mi cumpleaños

  28. Are u telling me they recreated tug o war. I thought this was supposed to be a top 100. I mean that should be in a bottom 100, control stick mini games were horrible. Remember the blisters nd cube. I DO!!!!

  29. 1:00
    Shy Guy: [Cuts the rope that connects Daisy's barrel to the ship]

    Can Daisy telepathically feel the sword?

  30. 1:00
    Shy Guy: [Cuts the rope that connects Daisy's barrel to the ship]

    Can Daisy telepathically feel the sword?

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