Mario Party: The Top 100 - All Minigames (Master Difficulty) -

Mario Party: The Top 100 – All Minigames (Master Difficulty)

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Gameplay of all minigames in Mario Party: The Top 100 on Nintendo 3DS (Master Difficulty)

00:00 All Free-for-All Minigames
58:35 All 1-vs-3 Minigames
1:06:30 All 2-vs-2 Minigames
1:16:46 All Duel Minigames
1:19:15 All Special Minigames

All Free-for-All Minigames:
00:00 Shy Guy Says
01:38 Bombs Away
02:27 Face Lift
03:19 Slot Car Derby
04:06 Shell Shocked
04:32 Mecha-Marathon
05:21 Dizzy Dancing
06:13 Hexagon Heat
07:04 Roll Call
08:03 Bumper Balls
08:24 Honeycomb Havoc
10:11 Bowser’s Big Blast
11:51 Snowball Summit
12:36 Bounce ‘n’ Trounce
13:11 Rockin’ Raceway
13:58 Mush Pit
14:55 Storm Chasers
15:50 Chip Shot Challenge
17:07 Ice Rink Risk
17:53 The Beat Goes On
19:45 Three Door Monty
20:22 Booksquirm
21:59 Trace Race
22:41 Three Throw
23:29 Mario Speedwagons
24:02 Paths of Peril
24:51 Coney Island
25:39 Pushy Penguins
26:23 Night Light Fright
26:52 Dinger Derby
28:03 Leaf Leap
29:04 Triple Jump
30:14 Later Skater
30:59 Hotel Goomba
31:43 Cage-in Cookin’
32:07 Snow Whirled
33:03 Catch You Letter
33:51 Strawberry Shortfuse
36:00 Trap Ease Artist
36:49 Dizzy Rotisserie
37:23 The Final Countdown
38:08 Monty’s Revenge
38:53 Pokey Pummel
39:20 Track & Yield
40:07 Deck Hands
41:39 Balloon Busters
43:46 Dart Attack
45:02 Crank to Rank
45:28 At the Chomp Wash
46:02 Aim of the Game
46:54 Logger Heads
47:36 Bumper Bubbles
48:54 Speeding Bullets
49:45 Don’t Look
51:23 Peak Precision
51:56 Magma Mayhem
52:18 Jigsaw Jumble
52:53 Pier Pressure
54:44 Goomba Bowling
56:09 Flash Forward
56:40 Soar to Score

All 1-vs-3 Minigames:
58:35 Tug o’ War
58:58 Piranha’s Pursuit
1:00:00 Tidal Toss
1:00:31 Blame It on the Crane
1:01:13 GOOOOOOOAL!!
1:01:58 Hide and Go BOOM!
1:03:02 Heat Stroke
1:03:28 Squared Away
1:04:16 Tube It or Lose It
1:04:45 Crate and Peril
1:05:23 Pogo-a-Go-Go
1:06:09 Tackle Takedown

All 2-vs-2 Minigames:
1:06:30 Desert Dash
1:07:04 Handcar Havoc
1:07:50 Speed Hockey
1:08:34 Cake Factory
1:09:19 Looney Lumberjacks
1:09:43 Eatsa Pizza
1:10:21 The Great Deflate
1:10:52 Revers-a-Bomb
1:11:31 Order Up
1:12:30 Defuse or Lose
1:13:34 Manic Mallets
1:14:07 Rocky Road
1:15:17 Slot Trot
1:15:58 Sphere Factor

All Duel Minigames:
1:16:46 Vine with Me
1:17:22 Kareening Koopas
1:17:54 Shy Guy Showdown
1:18:24 Button Mashers

All Special Minigames:
1:19:15 Block Star
1:21:30 Stick and Spin
1:24:22 Jewel Drop
1:25:42 Beach Volley Folly
1:27:11 Ice Hockey
1:28:30 Badminton Bash
1:30:32 Jump, Man
1:31:02 Vine Country
1:31:29 The Final Battle!

I am playing as Mario and the CPU characters are Luigi, Peach and Rosalina (Master Difficulty)


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  2. The Beat Goes On:skip. Yellow > Red > Blue > Green

  3. The simple lentil splenomegaly injure because active traditionally tug as a frightened frightening full fumbling functional trout. mammoth, diligent booklet

  4. Bowser's Big Blast is the definite way to be lucky and decide between you and your friends who wins

  5. It looks like waving axes

  6. r.i.p mario party 8
    not even cardiators is here

  7. Who's here after Nintendo announced Mario Party Superstars?

  8. This comment section lost a shit ton of brain cells lol

  9. 13:13 i feel SOOOOO OFFENDED they didn’t use the original “Don’t Hurry” Song for this minigame, easily one of the top minigame songs


  10. well since we know have superstars (i think that's what it's called) this is now an even worse game in comparison

  11. I don’t really like how almost everything and everyone do a sound for every action in this game, it really gets annoying pretty fast and many are really unnecessary, and The Beat Goes On looks so damn cursed now for how sped up they made it while awfully cutting the song omg

  12. They don't have Toad and Go Seek on there? That was my childhood!

  13. That’s good video KokiriGaming 🙂

  14. how to unlock the master difficulty ? please

  15. Mario Party:
    Shy Guy says
    Bombs away
    Face Lift
    Slot car Derby
    Shell shocked
    Dizzy dancing
    Hexagon Heat
    Roll call
    Bumper Balls
    Honeycomb Havoc
    Bowser's big blast

    Mario party 3:
    Snowball Summit
    Bounce 'n' Trounce
    Rockin' Raceway
    Mush Pit
    Storm Chasers
    Chip Shot Challenge

  16. I wish each game was represented equally with the minigames. Mario party 8 was my childhood, and it only got 3 Minigames?

  17. Speeding Bullets is the reason I got a game over pretty early in minigame island. Maybe I just suck.

  18. I like how it’s spelled ya baby in the beat goes on

  19. Un petit commentaires c est nul tu gagné tout le temps

  20. Nintendo you do realize plants don’t grow instantly because water touched their leaves right

  21. Mario party the top 100? 🤣🤣 More like: Mario party 33 from the top
    33 from the middle
    33 from the bottom
    AAND Mecha marathon.

  22. I love how the minigame results screen changes music depending on which Mario Party game the mini-game originated from.

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