Mario Party: The Top 100 - All Minigames vs Original (Comparison) -

Mario Party: The Top 100 – All Minigames vs Original (Comparison)

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All minigames comparison between Mario Party: The Top 100 and their original versions. This includes Mario Party 1 through Mario Party 10 (all 100 minigames in The Top 100). I’ll also compare Mario Party Superstars to Mario Party The Top 100 in the future.

All videos on the channel feature carefully practiced and high level gameplay of my unique experiences with each game. Video content is transformative and instructional showing players how to beat the game on the highest difficulty settings. My creative input ensures adherence to YouTuber’s partner program guidelines. All recordings are 100% recorded and edited solely by me.


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  8. In Mario Party the top 100 there is a Glitch in Magma Mayhem by Using Citra and hopefully this will fixed in the newer Citra Emulator

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  14. This game is very interesting! I hope they do like a DLC for Mario Party Superstars!

  15. 0:00:01 Cage-In Cookin' (Mario party 5)
    0:00:52 Trace Race (Mario party 4)
    0:02:19 The Great Deflate (Mario party 4)
    0:03:23 Peak Precision (Mario party 9)
    0:04:25 Night Light Fright (Mario party 5)
    0:05:18 Looney Lumberjacks (Mario party 2)
    0:06:07 Tube It Or Lose It (Mario party 5)
    0:07:27 Goomba Bowling (Mario party 9)
    0:10:31 Bounce 'N' Trounce (Mario party 3)
    0:11:43 Hide And Go BOOM! (Mario party 4)
    0:13:44 Manic Mallets (Mario party 5)
    0:14:42 Tug O' War (Mario party)
    0:15:40 Snowball Summit (Mario party 3)
    0:17:16 Eatsa Pizza (Mario party 3)
    0:18:33 GOOOOOOOAL!! (Mario party 4)
    0:20:01 Slot Car Derby (Mario party 2)
    0:21:31 Defuse Or Lose (Mario party 5)
    0:23:58 Squared Away (Mario party 5)
    0:25:26 Mecha Marathon (Mario party 2)
    0:27:00 Button Mashers (Mario party 5)
    0:28:07 Rocky Road (Mario party 6)
    0:30:35 Piranha's Pursuit (Mario party)
    0:32:34 Bowser's Big Blast (Mario party 2)
    0:35:26 Handcar Havoc (Mario party 2)
    0:36:50 Tackle Takedown (Mario party 9)
    0:37:42 Snow Whirled (Mario party 6)
    0:39:38 Revers-A-Bomb (Mario party 4)
    0:40:53 Shy Guy Showdown (Mario party 5)
    0:41:43 Sphere Factor (Mario party 7)
    0:43:34 Booksquirm (Mario party 4)
    0:45:57 Bumper Balls (Mario party 2)
    0:47:06 Shell Shocked (Mario party 2)
    0:48:00 Speed Hockey (Mario party 2)
    0:49:29 Tidal Toss (Mario party 3)
    0:50:47 Shy Guy Says (Mario party)
    0:53:24 Mush Pit (Mario party 3)
    0:55:11 Slot Trot (Mario party 6)
    0:56:44 Heat Stroke (Mario party 5)
    0:57:42 Mario Speedwagons (Mario party 4)
    0:58:40 The Final Countdown (Mario party 7)
    1:00:08 Dizzy Dancing (Mario party 2)
    1:01:24 Hexagon Heat (Mario party 2)
    1:03:25 Desert Dash (Mario party)
    1:04:29 Pogo-A-Go-Go (Mario party 7)

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