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Minecraft: 3 simple Mini Games you should try #2

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Hey! Today I will show you 3 super cool mini games for your survival world in Minecraft!

In this video i’m going to show you a chicken shot mini game, a super fun golf mini game and a Strider mini game what you can play solo or with your friends!


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————————–▼GAME INFORMATIONS▼————————–

Shaders: Complementary Shader
Resource Pack: Jerm’s Better Leaves Add-on

————————–▼TIME STAMPS▼————————–

00:00 – Chicken Shot
03:32 – Golf
06:14 – Strider Wars

————————–▼MUSIC & CREDITS▼————————–

Check out BBlocks for this awesome chicken mini game!

Music : Roa – Cozy Fall
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Steps by Roa
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
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Flying High by FREDJI

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  1. Make an tutorial how to make an secret base in the end city

  2. Can you show how tu use your shaders please 😭😭

  3. Can you plzzzzzzzz tell which shader/texture pack are you using

  4. Can you build nice animal place 🙏🙏🙏

  5. Lomby, which shaders do you use in these videos?

  6. Homie how do you only have like 40.5k subs? Like don't get me wrong that's a lot but like u earn like 5 million or more bro like you make the craziest shit ever like wth!?!

  7. I made a sever of mqpany different minigames and I am still working on it plus I made a redtone so that the golf ball will return to the chest and yeah I put chest

  8. My friends and I do MinecraftMondays and I’m tasked with coming up with things like this. IMMENSELY helpful and awesome. I’m 29 and don’t have time to learn how much minecraft has changed and how certain things work together (physically), so this really just made our whole shebang way more fun. Subbed and will continue to check in for minigame ideas like this!

    Would also love to see even game ideas similar to what people play competitively (kind of like the leaves falling block run), like a way to set up build challenges or puzzles to solve!

    10/10 video and builds!

  9. I did all of his mini game ones and I made i mini game park

  10. I wish we could play more mini games, golf would be cool. But also being able to make it in your own world cause I get tired of playing a bunch of teaming randoms.

  11. I wish we could play more mini games, golf would be cool. But also being able to make it in your own world cause I get tired of playing a bunch of teaming randoms.

  12. For the stairs u could use a redstone ladder instead which is stone slabs that are on every place going up and it will still work just to make it cleaner 🙂

  13. Hi, I'm from Portugal. I really liked your video

  14. Wanted to do the 3rd one but realised I don't have friends

  15. These games look really nice,fun and simple to make!

  16. Can you make ender house starter please

  17. Someone on discord said your the stupidest building tutorial guide

  18. The poor chickens 😭
    Great video tho-

  19. Are you able to make more simple min games for us I really want to make more to play with my siblings and For my carnival Thanks 🙏

  20. I had so much fun playing these games with my family! Thanks so much for the tutorial!!

  21. this minigame is called TRY TO KILL YOUR FRIEND

  22. I found u on your shorts videos! Absolutely love your videos!

  23. hello, unfortunately I don’t know English, but still using a translator I write comments, but there is a game for 3 players

  24. I like the golf ⛳ I build my own (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  25. I love the tutorials, but could you please list the equipment on the screen? I have to squint hard every time I want to examine them.

  26. tge chicken one looks super fun but then i did it and it didnt work im super sad and al that redstone did othing

  27. this was helpful but can you go little more slow pls

  28. I hope bblock will watch this!

    go checky channel!

  29. You are good at building games and design I made you golf ice game and thanks to you it was fun

  30. I mean golf game because I said gold game I made gold game

  31. Funny how you copied the YouTuber bblocks in “chicken shot”

  32. Chichen Shot Find you nicely on BBlocks!

  33. Bro this was the best i wanted me & my bros to play but it felt boring so we decided to build minigames. Thanks for showing me some. 🙂

  34. why does evey 1 that makes miny games in minecraft use real listik

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