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Minecraft: 3 Simple Minigames you should try!

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Hey! Today I will show you 3 super cool and funny mini games, what you can easy build in your survival world when you are bored!
In this video i’m going to show you a “Leaf Spleef” mini game, a “Bullseye Target Bow” mini game and a super fun Parkour which you should absoloutly try!

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————————–▼TIME STAMPS▼————————–
0:00 – Leaf Spleef
2:37 – Bullseye Bow Game
5:49 – Lava Parkour

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  1. Second build looks familiar in your shorts,can i get pinned pls

  2. ▀▄▀▄Ali .•♫••♬•♫•.▄▀▄▀

  3. I'm making a carnival in minecraft and these tips are really good 😊 ty for the minigames in this vid

  4. Hi what's the name of the leef of of the leaf spleeef

  5. Can you make a mini game for two people

  6. My favorite build is gonna lava parkour

  7. I always watching the Lava Parkour in Tiktok

  8. Thank god!you made a seperate video for these minigames before this i used to scroll and find you minigames shorts but still the are not all

  9. I kinda want to make a mini-game selector in Minecraft.

  10. I love the lava parkour! It’s easy to build and it looks really fun

  11. Very cool lomby,make more videos like this.

  12. The last one won’t work because the red stone repeater won’t go all the way back when I press it and it won’t make the sticky piston push the block in and out

  13. I have a question for the first mini game: can you do 1v1, 1v0, 1v2 etc like all 1v something?

  14. Hey lomby the vid is great but on the first one I couldn’t put the ladders on the trap door

  15. U just reached me how to make redstone repeat

  16. Ohh my god soooo creative i love your content

  17. All were my favourite !
    You made them all so nice!!

  18. When the Redstone things came what's the other block with the blinking dot

  19. Can you tell me what these leaves was called in the leaf spleef game?

  20. A small request can ubplease do a bedrock channel please?

  21. What shader do you use? Pleqse link or tell! 😅

  22. I’d like it alot if you shows names for the blocks. I’m building stuff for my kids as a surprise. But I don’t know what stuff is called.

  23. Can I expand the last one and put the pushing blocks in other ways?

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