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Minecraft: AZKOR THE QUESTIONABLE CHALLENGE GAMES – Lucky Block Mod – Modded Mini-Game

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The Challenge Games begin and we must destroy the Azkor The Questionable!
Jen’s Channel
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Download Lucky Block Emerald Mod
Download Spiral Lucky Block Mod

– Start with 20 Lucky Blocks, 5 Super Lucky Blocks, 5 Unlucky Blocks, 10 apples, Iron Pickaxe, & Crafting Table
– Open all of them and craft the best items you can
– Do not take items or blocks from the world unless they came from your block
– Trade with villager to improve your items
– No Penalty for dying before the battle begins
– You may give items to the other player
– Beacons from Wells not allowed
– The winner from last time spawns the mobs
– The loser is the one who dies in the battle first
– Rounds go: 1 boss, 2 boss, 3, 4, 5, 6 each round harder…etc
– Running away from the mobs & leaving the other player is cheating
– Use the Arena to your advantage, but no placing blocks except TNT

In this Azkor The Questionable Challenge Games Modded Mini-Game:
Lucky Blocks Mod Vs Azkor from the Spiral Lucky Block Mod, me against Jen who will survive the longest!

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  1. Pat: starts kissing the lucky block
    Jen: Remember, Insult it, it helps.

  2. MAN THE NOSTALGIA aaaa man
    It feels like i was 10 or 11 idkk yesterday watching these videos(15 yr rn)

  3. Pat telling Jen to log off then her actually doing it, and then leaving the room. And then pat not knowing what to do and yelling for Jen to come back is never any less funny then the first time I saw it

  4. Every one lets get popularmmos 20 million subscribers

  5. Its sad to see this couple end a channel that was truly iconic. Every old videos I watch has comments morning over this channel collapse. Like i mean if they could make videos together still it may be fine. Idk just trying here.

  6. This just popped up in my recommended… I haven’t watched these guys in a very long time 😅

  7. Thank you for an amazing childhood and I always love to revisit your videos as they always make me happy in sad times like I am experiencing now. I love you pat and jen and i know you probably won't see this comment but if you do I want to say Thank you so much.

  8. At 12:11 I find It funny how Pat tried to mine a block of stained clay 😂

  9. Coming back and watching these as a 17 yr old and the vids are still fire

  10. Your like pistachio was one of the best quotes ever

  11. It’s sad they pat dose not upload anymore like he use to do with Jen 😢❤

  12. “What’s up dudes!” Always brings a smile to my face

  13. This it going to be the newest comment as in rn

  14. All the Azkor's were the same.. it's just that the first one was only damaging him through it's Thorns.. it never hit him once. The others managed to get hits in so Withered him lol

  15. lol yeah Pat get in your spot 😊 and I want to let you know I'm enjoying your videos thx ♥️

  16. i think i’m watching these out of order

  17. Oh how the past has completely dusted, tears fall for the reality that all this is no more

  18. Dont mid me just rewatching my childhood

  19. 2023/5/22 When I miss my childhood I will come this comments and record the today’s date❤

  20. It feels like I’m 10 again rewatching these

  21. “I can’t do these videos without you.” Welp… I wish that was the case

  22. The first 2 minutes- I miss the moments between these two…

  23. Just got recommended this 6 years later crazy how time flies these videos were my childhood

  24. 16 and watching this because my gcses are ending(uk) and i only have 1 week left till school is gone FOREVER and i start college so im writing this to deny the fact that im growing

  25. I remember back when my teacher let us watch popularmmos during lunch time, everyone cheered and life was so simple back then…where are those days but in the past…

  26. "Did you miss me?"
    "ye I missed you"
    Man this broke me

  27. Him saying I can’t do these videos without you really hurt me 3:42

  28. Jen: wHy dO keEp eAtInG mY bLoCkS?

    Also Jen: placing blocks right next to Pat's blocks

  29. Pat: I don't wanna use my emeralds to make blocks

    Also Pat: kEeP tHe cHaNgE (has 100k leftover emeralds)

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