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Minecraft Battle Mini game Trailer

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Minecraft Battle Mini game arrives on June 21 as a free game update. Compete with your friends in Battle, the first mini game for Minecraft console editions where you get to challenge 4 players in split-screen and up to 8 players online in a fight for survival, where speed, strategy- and sometimes just pure luck- will make you the winner.

Play on one of the three base maps included: Cavern, Cove or Crucible, or buy an additional map pack to add more options to play.


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  2. Best battle royal in my opinion anyone else agrees?

  3. I'm a God at Battle Minigame💪💪

    (I win 99.9% times, it's very hard to be me)

  4. has it been removed? cannot find it anywhere

  5. Like at 8 years old i always liked this minigame!!! But now i don't play much that 😔💔

  6. This was actually how I met one of my longest best friends ever

  7. I was pro in minigames but I stop playing minigames cuz I buy bedrock edition):

  8. Sad they got rid of this on the new version they should bring it back

  9. The nostalgia can’t believe it that the mini games are not in bedrock edition makes me sad

  10. I miss the 4J version of Minecraft console… I miss the love and care that 4J has when porting everything. If I described this version of Minecraft with one word, it would be polish. Everything was so polished and bug free, unlike Bedrock. The minigames were amazing with fantastic OSTs and maps, the DLC was all quality and not over saturated like the Bedrock version. The quality of 4J's was only matched by the Java edition. I'll never understand why Xbox decided to shut this version down…

  11. wow this was 5 years ago the nostalgia hits hard man. i remember playing this for hours on end

  12. I used to always play this it was so fun! The beach map was my favorite

  13. Remember playing this on my Xbox 360. Nostalgia slaps so hard

  14. Who remembers when voice chat was in minecraft

  15. Minecraft Xbox one ended but mini games working !

  16. Que recuerdos minijuegos de Minecraftobox ❤️

  17. I remember when the stone sword with fire aspect was the most op

  18. Xbox if just like to say thank you for all the memories that have been made in ur platform

  19. You could have continued updating the game, this situation of outdating was very poorly thought out

  20. Will i be able to play the mini-games again if i bought the pass thingy on microsoft store????

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