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Minecraft: BOB FAMILY CHALLENGE GAMES – Lucky Block Mod – Modded Mini-Game

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The Challenge Games begin and we must destroy the Bob family!
Jen’s Channel
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– Start with 20 Lucky Blocks, 5 Super Lucky Blocks, 5 Unlucky Blocks, 10 apples, Iron Pickaxe, & Crafting Table
– Open all of them and craft the best items you can
– Do not take items or blocks from the world unless they came from your block
– Trade with villager to improve your items
– No Penalty for dying before the battle begins
– You may give items to the other player
– Beacons from Wells not allowed
– The winner from last time spawns the mobs
– The loser is the one who dies in the battle first
– Rounds go: 1 boss, 2 boss, 3, 4, 5, 6 each round harder…etc
– Running away from the mobs & leaving the other player is cheating
– Use the Arena to your advantage, but no placing blocks except TNT

In this Bob Family Challenge Games Modded Mini-Game:
Lucky Blocks Mod Vs Bob Family from the Fantasia Lucky Block Mod, me against Jen who will survive the longest!

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  1. I don't want to be in 2023. .. These past 3 years have been garbage. . . .Techno. . . .. Jen.. . .Pat. . .The popularmmo's. . .. . Ssundee's Fortnite videos. . . . Insane craft. . . Crazy craft. . .Even the Dream SMP. . ONE OF THE MOST HIGHLY LIKED SMP'S . . . ..all . ..down the drain. . .

  2. Put your hand up if you still watch him 🤚

  3. this channel is almost everybody's childhood, the nostalgia 😢

  4. I miss them… My childhood I’m 18 going 19 n graduated n I use to watch them in middle school when I was a 7th grader times changed❤

  5. Remb watching this when it first came out time flies

  6. I love these vids. I'm sad that they broke up. I'm never going to forget these legends. I hope they will start making vids again but I dont think they will. Pat is a pure legend in my opinion and I've been watching him scence like 5 years old when Minecraft was my favorite game. I always cry when I see his vids or even hear his name. It makes me have flashbacks and makes me sad. I just wish they made more vids.

  7. A man once said don't be upset it ended, be happy it happended.

  8. God… It's a little hard to watch them again….

  9. This was my childhood I remember coming home from school to watch them and I loved watching there bed war videos, but my favorite ones were the lucky block races🥲

  10. I saw their channel pop up on my fyp today, and I couldn’t help scrolling back and reliving what small happy childhood memories I had. God, I miss when I used to just sit on the floor of my room as a kid and watch all the bedwars and lucky block videos. Miss that feeling a lot. Now all that’s left is nostalgia, from remembering the people that used to be my idols. You never miss something until it’s only in your memories.

  11. he should have said “gold ore mont”

    like voldermont

  12. who else experiencing some nostalgia in 2023?

  13. I was just recommend this lol i miss being a kid man

  14. You been searching so long you unlocked a memory😢

  15. Don't Mind Me Just Rewatching… 😢

  16. anybody watching this because this was the luckiest moments of him

  17. They should've disable mob loot for the batt

  18. This looked entertaining! Really appreciate how you two were messing around and when Jen died when she splashed it onto herself on accident! Cracked me up good! Keep it up!

  19. "Don't cry because it's gone, smile because it happened."

  20. Welcome, come have a seat. We all know it isn't your first time here, come and enjoy a cookie 🍪.

  21. We love these old YouTubers we will remember them

  22. I'm almost crying watching this, the nostalgia is killing me. I miss the old videos.


  24. i love rewatching these to relive my childhood its also nice to see that they are having a lot of fun while recording these!!!!

  25. Just randomly remembered this series existed and now I’m glad I did

  26. Time for the challenge games!!! I hope you guys enjoy!! I will be commenting to a lot of you 🙂

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