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Minecraft: CRAZY DREAM LUCKY BLOCK BEDWARS! – Modded Mini-Game

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Time to fight it out with Lucky Blocks in Bedwars!
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In this 1.8.9 Dreams Lucky Block Bedwars Modded Mini-Game:
We need to defend out bed at all costs because if you die with it gone you lose! We can open Dream lucky blocks to gain, items, weapons, and blocks in the challenge!

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  1. Did anyone else think that he meant Dream the youtuber? I did

  2. Yah know what I never realized, pat could have just broken the wood at his base and made a crafting table

  3. Omg like the fake speedrunner dweem

  4. I'm watching this two years later and I first thought he was talking about the speedrunner dream

  5. Why do you never Mine the diamond block's at the diamond generater

  6. You guys are one of few things about my childhood that I would want to remember

  7. Hey guys Jen and Pat you guys are my heroes and I'm going to make YouTube videos like yours

  8. BRUH in roud 2 pat couldve bought obsidian bruh

  9. 11:17
    Anybody else notice that Jen just opened her inventory for the first time

  10. “All we need is a really nice defense around our bed” uses wool

  11. Jen: I also have Diamond horse armor what's that for?
    Pat: your not supposed to tell me everything!
    Jen: laughs* whispers* oh shi
    Me: Lol what?!

  12. have u all knew that jen never says pat name only pat says jen’s name

  13. Who still watching the bedwars series in 2021

  14. Anyone else remember when they were our childhood?

  15. jen: i have a sponge what is that for

    pat: three obsidian

    jen: and i have golden horse armor what is that for

    pat: you should not be saying to other people what they have

    pat: so what do you have

    me: lol

  16. He always steals Jenifer's bed at the beginning of the episode…
    also why aren't you uploading we miss you D:


  17. i cant be the only one rewatching a bunch of these videos

  18. Sadly he didn't actually put a link to McDonald's 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. with the dream lucky block you get the ability to make the boat clutch

  20. Haven’t anyone thought about them breaking the base wood to make a crafting table??

  21. The shades gave him epic effects
    He didn't wear them

  22. Let Jesus Christ be with you all amen and

  23. Oh hey

    Dont mind me just rewatching this series

  24. Some people will see the title in 2021 and think where is the green boi

  25. I have captions on and pat actually said the "terrible generator generates some twice as quick"

  26. i saw buffs in the first round when pat was changing his inventory it was 3:52 i think

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