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Minecraft Glide Mini Game trailer – coming free to Console Edition!

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Test your aeronautical skills to the very limit in the latest Minecraft Mini Game, released FREE on consoles, 28th March 2017! More info:


  1. I remember me and my dad and sister playing this in 2015 on the PS4 memories '-'

  2. I was in the world leaderboard on this before the leaderboard got reset
    I miss playing this.

  3. Could we get these again on bedrock? They were so fun.

  4. All players, music, and elytra are all present in smash

  5. I so remember this minigame! The hardest for my sister is Canyon

  6. Wow, we will can made our maps? Like special editor, etc….

  7. That moment when they put Hades in the Greek Mythology Glide level but not the world…

  8. These minigames are more fun than any Bedrock or Java server

  9. 4 years. FOUR YEARS.
    think about that.


  11. At least we have terra swoop force on bedrock

  12. Man I saw this in my reccomend and thought it was new then I saw the 4 years ago tag man was I dissapointed

  13. Mojang need to return this
    Old hotbar

  14. I have so much nostalgia from all the mini games, love all the mini games and still play them on ps3

    And other minigame… Plsssss

  16. On consoles for the new version of Minecraft it deleted the mini games, but they were still fun

  17. I loved all the minigames, PVP, Spleef and Glide, MOJANG PLEASE ADD THEM BACK TO ALL VERSIONS

  18. Tbh, they should have this mini game on Hypixel

  19. Somebody make a petition to bring back all the old mini games I miss these

  20. why did they cut these minigames from Minecraft altogether? they were super fun and now you cant play them because no-one plays legacy console

  21. Mojang needs to bring back the mini game modes back at least to Bedrock!

  22. Lobby minigames mi game favorite is minecraft

  23. I have access to old Minecraft so I can play these mini games

  24. Glide in release:
    Cavern 1:04
    Temple 1:19
    Canyon 1:12
    Shrunk 1:38
    Body 1:45
    Yeti 1:11
    Excalibur 1:19
    Celts 1:20
    Icarus 1:40
    Kraken 1:21
    Mobs 1:23
    Dragon 58
    Glide today:
    Cavern 55.501 (Glide Ledgend711)
    Temple 1:07.400 (Glide Ledgend711)
    Canyon 56.900 (Glide Ledgend711)
    Shrunk 1:15.548/549 (SY_Butterfly.1 & Glide Ledgend711 – Counted as one because last digit is randomised).
    Body 1:30.600 (SY_Butterfly.1 – Not recorded… Fastest recorded time is 1:30.951 by the same person)
    Yeti 59.749 (Glide Ledgend711 – No video because it was a PB by only 2ms).
    Excalibur 1:08.100 (Glide Ledgend711)
    Celts 1:06.901 (Glide Ledgend711)
    Icarus 1:14.849 (Glide Ledgend711)
    Kraken 1:07.601 (Silvy – Give some respect to him, he spend years on this)
    Mobs 1:13.848 (Glide Ledgend711)
    Dragon 53.199 (Glide Ledgend711)

    …if you're looking to find these videos, my channel has a playlist with them all. Some are unlisted too, by the way

  25. Just imagine if all of this minigames like: Battle, Tumble and Glide be back but on Bedrock, it will be the best

  26. I miss the Minecraft battles from the Wii U so much!!! If only they brought them back I played those non stop!

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